Segment composition ratio

Revenue Revenue
Operating income Operating income
  • *1
    Operating loss of the Financial segment for FY2022 is ¥12.4 billion.
  • *2
    Operating income of “Others” for FY2022 is ¥292.5 billion. “Others” includes ¥294.8 billion associated with a gain on step acquisition in connection with the conversion of PayPay Corporation into a subsidiary.

Business strategy

Our Enterprise business aims to expand profit by providing total solutions to solve the issues of enterprises and local governments through combining communication services such as mobile and fixed-line services with high value-added digital products such as cloud, security, and IoT.

Three competitive advantages

1. The largest-scale group of B2C platforms in Japan

The Company has one of the largest groups of B2C platforms in Japan, with tens of millions of users in diverse fields such as communications, online shopping, payment and finances, and social media. Companies and local governments looking to expand their presence online can gain access to a wide range of users in a short space of time by collaborating with the Company, streamlining the time and costs associated with marketing.

The largest-scale group of B2C platforms in Japan The largest-scale group of B2C platforms in Japan

2. Turn-key solution system

Our solutions business offers turn-key solutions with total support for the digitalization of our client companies, from networks to solutions. As Japanese companies and local governments rapidly adopt digitalization in recent years, they often require fully integrated support from network construction to adoption of online tools, consulting for digitalizing analog tasks, and support after operations begin. The Company's ability to provide this is a key reason why we are so often chosen.

3. Abundance of digital professionals

In the Enterprise segment, we have prepared training programs to nurture operation consultants and business producers in order to promote the development of human resources capable of drafting and planning digitalization solutions. In addition, system engineers, data scientists, and other such personnel in our technology department are providing technical support according to the needs of our enterprise customers.

  • *
    Yahoo! JAPAN: average monthly number of users between January – October 2022, PayPay: as of June 2023, all others: as of March 2023

Business target

Business solution and others revenue Pursue double-digit compound annual growth rate (“CAGR”)
Segment income Pursue double-digit CAGR
Business solution and others revenue Business solution and others revenue
Segment income Segment income