Segment composition ratio

Revenue Revenue
Operating income Operating income
  • *1
    Operating loss of the Financial segment for FY2022 is ¥12.4 billion.
  • *2
    Operating income of “Others” for FY2022 is ¥292.5 billion. “Others” includes ¥294.8 billion associated with a gain on step acquisition in connection with the conversion of PayPay Corporation into a subsidiary.

Business strategy

Our mobile communications service provides services and price plans suited to user needs to increase the total number of smartphone subscribers.

Three competitive advantages

1. Multi-brand strategy

The Company provides three brands with differentiated characteristics: SoftBank, where users can use the smartphones with unlimited data plans, Y!mobile, which has lower monthly charges for medium to low data usage, and LINEMO, the online exclusive brand with functions that users can carry out all types of procedures and receive support online. By responding to changing user needs, the Company aims to drive user transition among brands within the Group, expand acquisition of new subscriptions, and prevent users from moving outside the Group.

Multi-brand strategy Multi-brand strategy

2. Synergy with leading services offered by group companies

Our group holds a number of leading services, such as Yahoo! Japan, Japan's biggest portal site, LINE, a national messaging app, and PayPay, a QR payment service with the biggest share in Japan. We provide advantages to our mobile users through the synergy of these group services with powerful support in the entertainment, online shopping, social media, and payment/finance fields. By ensuring differentiation from our competitors, we are able to acquire new subscribers and promote continued usage.

3. High-quality communications networks

The Company provides wonderful user experience through our high communications quality. Our 4G LTE network has gained the best quality ranking from a global research organization. We are also developing 5G network to rapidly achieve a high level of quality nationwide.

Business target

Mobile service revenue To hit bottom in FY2023 and return to growth
Segment income To hit bottom in FY2022 and return to growth
Mobile service revenue Mobile service revenue
Segment income Segment income