IR Activities

As part of the strengthening of corporate governance system, SoftBank Corp. is working to promote active information disclosure and enhance communication in its IR activities.

Basic policy on disclosure

The Company appropriately discloses both financial and non-financial information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Furthermore, the Company also strives to actively provide more information than required by laws and regulations and the Tokyo Stock Exchange when necessary by carefully considering the impact on investors and other stakeholders. In either case, the Board of Directors strives to ensure that the Company's information disclosure is always fair, clear, and useful.

Disclosure standards
and methods

We believe that the timely and appropriate disclosure of financial and non-financial information is important in order to engage in constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors with the aim of enhancing corporate value over the medium to long term. Therefore the Company discloses information according to the statutory disclosure requirements based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant acts and ordinances, and as required by the Rules on Timely Disclosure set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company also discloses critical information that is not subject to either statutory disclosure or timely disclosure requirements but could potentially affect investment decisions. This information is disclosed in a fair and prompt manner so as to give all the stakeholders equal access to it.

The Company discloses information required by the timely disclosure regulations through TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and also releases information to the press immediately. Information that is disclosed on TDnet or by other means is also promptly posted on its website.

Information disclosure system

The Company conducts timely disclosure with the Investor Relations Department as the responsible department. The IR Rules set out matters to be reported to the Investor Relations Department related to timely disclosure, including required reporting times and procedures. When timely disclosure is necessary, the Investor Relations Department prepares timely disclosure materials in close coordination with related departments such as business units, Accounting, Finance, Legal, and General Administration and swiftly conducts timely disclosure under the supervision of the Director, Executive Vice President & CFO in charge.

Matters subject to timely disclosure requirements related to earnings results are compiled into a disclosure document by the department in charge of accounting and relevant departments based on information collected from group companies. The general manager of the Finance and Accounting Division is responsible for preparation of the disclosure document related to earnings results. The document is swiftly disclosed under the approval of the Director, Executive Vice President & CFO in charge.

Information disclosure system

Basic policy on dialogue
with shareholders

We believe that constructive dialogue with our shareholders is crucial to achieving sustainable growth. The senior management including board directors, and IR Office are engaged in dialogue with shareholders and investors, as long as it is reasonably possible. Meetings are organized between shareholders and the President & CEO, and between institutional investors and the executive officers in charge of investor relations from time to time. During the dialogue, we respect the fair disclosure rules and take great care to handle material information under insider trading regulations.

IR Office not only regularly compile and report to management the views and concerns of shareholders and investors obtained through the dialogue, but also share the information with the related departments within the Company and use the feedback in our business activities to enhance corporate value.

IR activities

The Company engages in the following activities regarding the dialogue with its shareholders. At earnings results briefings and other events, senior management themselves explain the earnings results and business strategy as speakers. Live streaming and video on-demand of the earnings briefings are available on our website. The Company makes continuous effort to enhance dialogue with shareholders and investors, by participating in roadshows and conferences in Japan and abroad, 1-on-1 interviews and various small meetings with investors, organizing briefings for individual investors and responding to inquiries daily.

Activities Contents
Regular briefings for individual investors (in Japanese) The Company provides clear and highly useful information to individual shareholders and investors. Since information is disclosed to a large number of shareholders and investors, the primary means of disclosure is on the website. At the same time, the Company focuses on dialogue also by holding online conferences and briefings with real-time Q&A sessions online and at head offices of securities companies throughout Japan.
Regular briefings for analysts and institutional investors When earnings results are announced, the Company holds earnings results briefings for analysts, institutional investors, and the media. The President & CEO and CFO explain the business status, strategy, measures and outlook regularly. The Company livestreams earnings results briefings for analysts and institutional investors on its website. The footage is posted on the website soon after the briefings.
Active information disclosure to overseas investors The Company's delegates visit institutional investors outside Japan to explain the business status, strategy, measures and outlook. With regard to the disclosure of materials in English, we make every effort to ensure that the gap between English and Japanese is kept to a reasonable level in terms of timeliness and volume of information. The Company provides livestreaming of earnings results briefings in English on its website. The footage becomes available on the website after the briefings.
1-on-1 interviews and meetings with Japanese and overseas institutional investors We conduct 1-on-1 interviews and meetings with Japanese and overseas institutional investors.
From the perspective of preventing the spread COVID-19 infections, while it is difficult to conduct face to face interviews, we mainly use a non-face-to-face format, including online meetings and conference calls to hold the meetings.
IR documents on our website Various IR documents are available on our website.
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Quiet period

The Company observes a quiet period of three weeks, which start on the same day of the week as the earnings results announcement, to prevent divulging earnings information and to ensure fairness. During this quiet period, the Company cannot comment on or answer any inquiries about earnings results. If any event that arises during a quiet period is subject to timely disclosure, however, the Company promptly discloses the information as appropriate.