Approach to Information Disclosure

Based on the following approaches, we disclose information to all stakeholders including shareholders and investors.

Compliance with laws, regulations and rules

Regarding company information which may impact investment decisions, information is disclosed in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the various rules prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Moreover, due consideration is given to avoid the infringement of intellectual property rights including copyright.

Accuracy of information and editing independence

To ensure the accuracy of information disclosure, the accuracy is sufficiently checked through internally established systems while also incorporating an objective evaluation. Moreover, editing independence is ensured in the disclosure decision process to avoid the influence of external organizations and individuals.

Timely and appropriate information disclosure

In order to promote informed decision making by shareholders and investors, information is disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner and an easy-to-understand format. Moreover, we proactively disclose useful information through web sites and reports, etc. to shareholders and investors even if the information does not fall under the standards of disclosure for various laws and regulations.

Fair information disclosure

We strive to achieve fair information disclosure so that information gaps do not arise between stakeholders. In addition to posting documents and videos concerning financial results briefings and related question and answer sessions on the SoftBank Corp. website, we also strive to disclose the information in English to provide the information to all stakeholders in an accessible format.

Information ethics

In disclosing information, we strive not to violate social ethics such as taking care to disclose information concerning human rights which respects diversity from a neutral standpoint.

Furthermore, please see the “IR Activities” section regarding IR (public relations directed at investors) activities.