Direction of human resources strategy

Our human resource mission is to connect “people” and “business” and achieve growth for both. To generate vitality, we adhere to an HR policy that supports the potential of individuals who are willing to take on challenges, provides appropriate recognition for those who deliver results, and fosters an environment where diverse human resources can work with vigor and enthusiasm. We are shifting our perspective from perceiving and managing employees as “resources” in the traditional sense to viewing them as “capital” and supporting their utilization and growth and encouraging them to take on new challenges. For further business growth, we are making various investments in human capital, including skill development, engagement improvement, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I), and health management, so that our employees can work with enthusiasm and vigor and take on ever-greater growth and challenges.

We will continue to promote our human resource strategy with an awareness of the linkage between employee growth and our business strategy.

Information Revolution ― Happiness for everyone

Information Revolution ― Happiness for everyone

HR policies

To sustain the growth and success of our businesses and be an organization with positive, highly motivated employees, SoftBank has set policies that as a company we must value and promotes various HR initiatives.

of the human

Encourage active roles for diverse human resources

Up until now we have promoted initiatives on diversity. Going forward we will require an even better work environment and breeding ground for our diverse workforce to thrive as we go about creating new businesses.

Create an environment
where all employees
can work with aspiration

We promote the optimal work-life balance through the adoption of the SoftBank work style, and position the maintenance and improvement of the health of our employees as a key management issue, as the driving force to achieve the dreams and aspirations of the company and of individuals.

Business strategy and opportunities for employees' personal growth

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