Human resources mission

Promoting human resource strategies to simultaneously realize the growth of our employees and our business

Growth for human resources is a key theme that is also linked to the SDGs and to our own material issues in terms of “Creating new business through open innovation” and “Developing a resilient management foundation.” We believe that driving the ongoing development of society will help raise our corporate value.

The need to utilize diverse human resources is all the more urgent as we accelerate our Beyond Carrier strategy to advance our business along multiple paths, necessitating changes to our human resources initiatives for each business. In addition, environments that allow people to use their talents to the full are absolutely essential to making the best use of human resources for business growth.

We will continue to promote human resources strategies utilizing advanced technologies consciously coordinated with the growth of our employees and our business strategies.

Information Revolution ― Happiness for everyone

Information Revolution ― Happiness for everyone

HR policies

To sustain the growth and success of our businesses and be an organization with positive, highly motivated employees, SoftBank has set policies that as a company we must value and promotes various HR initiatives.

of the human

Encourage active roles for diverse human resources

Up until now we have promoted initiatives on diversity. Going forward we will require an even better work environment and breeding ground for our diverse workforce to thrive as we go about creating new businesses.

Create an environment
where all employees
can work with aspiration

We promote the optimal work-life balance through the adoption of the SoftBank work style, and position the maintenance and improvement of the health of our employees as a key management issue, as the driving force to achieve the dreams and aspirations of the company and of individuals.

Business strategy and opportunities for employees' personal growth

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