Business strategy

Using the strengths honed in our telecommunications business, we are taking steps to create and expand innovative new businesses in collaboration with investees of our parent company, SoftBank Group Corp., and powerful companies both inside and outside Japan.

Three competitive advantages

1. Dominant number of customer touchpoints

The Group possesses one of the largest user bases in Japan across a wide range of fields, including telecommunications, online shopping, social media, and payment and finances. Moreover, it has mobile phone stores across the country serving as a touchpoint with consumers, and has also worked with nearly all of the large enterprises in Japan. Through customer touchpoints across multiple fronts, with both individuals and enterprises, in-person and online, our new businesses are able to reach an extensive range of consumers and companies from the early phases of launch.

2. Cooperation with SoftBank Group investees and other companies

Our parent company, SoftBank Group Corp. invests in unicorn companies worldwide through funds and other means. As a member of the SoftBank Group, we are able to collaborate with such unicorn companies and develop cutting-edge technologies and business models into new businesses.

3. Powerful sales and technological capabilities

Our marketing team boasts strong business capabilities, being well known for the way it explosively popularized ADSL in Japan in the early 2000s through ground-breaking sales methods. We have also made sure to secure engineering human resources. The total number of engineers in our group is 14,000. Utilizing these powerful sales and technological capabilities, we can rapidly launch new businesses.

  • *
    Number of engineers: total of the engineers in SoftBank Corp., LY Corporation, PayPay Corporation, ZOZO, Inc., and SB Technology Corp., etc. (as of April 1, 2024)