Guided by its concept of “a world where all things, information and minds are connected” to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, SoftBank aims to help resolve social and environmental issues and enhance its corporate value by utilizing its robust business infrastructure and technologies such as 5G, IoT and AI. SoftBank Corp. and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) identified six material issues that the Group should focus on, and strengthen our efforts to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Sustainability Finance is a means of raising funds to pursue the initiatives listed above, and an opportunity to proactively communicate the Group's initiatives to all of our stakeholders including debt investors, customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, people of local communities, administrative bodies and industry organizations. The Group will contribute to the wellbeing of people and society under our corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone.”

For more on SoftBank's sustainability initiatives, please visit these websites.

ESG Data
Material Issues

Sustainability Bond

Name 17th series Unsecured Bond
“HAPS Bond”
(with inter-bond pari passu clause)
18th series Unsecured Bond
“HAPS Bond”
(with inter-bond pari passu clause)
Term 7-year 10-year
Maturity Date January 26,
January 27,
Amount of Issue JPY 15 billion JPY 15 billion
Interest Rate 0.51% 0.62%
Issue Date January 27, 2022
Use of Proceeds HAPS business research and development and other HAPS-related costs
Credit Ratings AA− (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.)
A+ (Rating and Investment Information, Inc.)
Framework Sustainability Bond Framework (PDF: 648KB/8 pages) (in Japanese)
Press Release SoftBank Corp. to Issue Sustainability Bond (HAPS Bond)
Third-Party Review Opinion from the independent external organization Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.) (in Japanese)
Allocation Reporting on the Use of Proceeds The proceeds were fully appropriated for refinancing of investment and loan funds (i.e. amount decreased in contributed cash on hand) of HAPSMobile Inc.*
Impact Reporting Outcome
(as of January, 2024)

Social impact

Coverage per aircraft: a diameter of about 200km

Environmental improvement impact

Electricity generation capacity per aircraft: 176.2MWh/year

Output and Impact Please refer to the website below, which will be updated with information whenever necessary.
Stable telecommunication for All People and Things HAPS
Stable telecommunication for All People and Things HAPS
  • *
    SoftBank Corp. carried out an absorption-type merger of HAPSMobile Inc. on October 1, 2023.

Social Loan

Contract date March 31, 2022
Borrower SoftBank Corp.
Borrowing Limit ¥35,059,487,624
Use of Proceeds Capital expenditures related to the construction of 5G base stations
Last Repayment Date January 31, 2031
Collateral None
Guarantee 90% of loan guaranteed by Finnvera Oyj*
Framework Social Loan Framework (in Japanese)
Press Release SoftBank Corp. to Strengthen 5G Network by Raising Funds Through a Social Loan
Third-Party Review Opinion from the independent external organization Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (Rating and Investment Information, Inc.) (in Japanese)
  • *
    Finland's Export Credit Agency

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