Analyst Coverage

(As of April 22, 2024
in alphabetical order
with titles omitted)
Company Name Analyst Name
BofA SecuritiesYuki Kaneko
Citigroup Global Markets JapanMitsunobu Tsuruo
CLSA Asia Pacific MarketsOliver Matthew
Daiwa SecuritiesYoshio Ando
Deutsche SecuritiesPeter Milliken
Goldman Sachs JapanChikai Tanaka
Haitong International (Japan) K.K.Qiao Xu
HSBC Securities (Japan)Neale Anderson
Jefferies SingaporeAtul Goyal
JPMorgan Securities JapanHaruka Mori
Mizuho SecuritiesYusuke Hori
Morgan Stanley MUFG SecuritiesTetsuro Tsusaka
New Street ResearchChris Hoare
SMBC Nikko SecuritiesSatoru Kikuchi
Toyo SecuritiesHideki Yasuda
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