A Smart Working Style

A Smart Working Style A Smart Working Style

Promoting workstyle transformation
with “Smart & Fun!”

We are promoting smart working which incorporates various workstyles and increases productive efficiency through the utilization of IT and AI (Artificial Intelligence), etc. aimed at having the employees maximize organizational and individual productivity through optimal workstyles. Accordingly, we are promoting a working style transformation which aims to utilize IT to work in a smart and fun way and engage in more creative and innovative work under the internal slogan of “Smart & Fun!”

We are creating time for employees by introducing the Super Flextime System, which maximizes achievements by working in a lively and efficient manner without getting caught up in conventional working hours. By using this time for self-development, employee exchanges, communication with family and friends, and investing in individual growth, each individual employee and the entire company become more innovative and creative, which creates conditions in which work itself becomes fun under the prospect that it will lead to better results.

  • Smart & Fun!

Diversity and health management as the foundation
for realizing “Smart & Fun!”

We believe that the combination of varied individual capabilities which results from diversity and the physical and mental wellbeing of each employee which is supported health management creates a foundation for realizing “Smart & Fun!” We will continue promoting diversity and health management with the aim of making the entire company more innovative and creative, which will lead to even greater results.

  • Diversity and health management as the foundation for realizing “Smart & Fun!”

Ranking by the Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey

We have received the highest possible five-star rating for four years in a row in the “Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey” conducted by Nikkei Inc. This survey covers all publicly listed companies and companies with 100 or more employees. It evaluates them according to four aspects consisting of the “ability to utilize human resources,” “ability to innovate,” “market development ability,” and the “management foundation” to comprehensively determine the “company strength.”
In addition, we have also been received following awards in recognition of market development, strengthening their ability to innovate, the active utilization of cutting-edge technologies, and promoting the use of cutting-edge technologies from other companies.

NIKKEI Smart Work 2021
NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2021 technology
NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2019
Innovation Prize of NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2022 / Use of Technology Prize of NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2021 / Special Jury Prize of NIKKEI Smart Work Awards 2019

Efforts toward a new workstyle

We are engaging in various initiatives to achieve a “Smart & Fun!” workstyle and maximize individual and organizational productivity.
Arising from our belief that maximizing the performance of the organization and individual employees will lead to an increase in corporate value, SoftBank is promoting the best mix of work styles that combines, for example, going to an office, telecommuting, and satellite office work.
Without setting a uniform frequency of office attendance throughout the Company, we are practicing work styles that allow the organization and individual employees to demonstrate their capabilities to the full based on business characteristics and other factors on an organizational basis.

Office environments featuring cutting-edge technologies

Office environments featuring cutting-edge technologies

The head office relocated to Takeshiba in January 2021 for the purpose of additional workstyle reforms and strengthening BCP (Business Continuity Planning). The new office is a community-style work space which enables all of the employees to embody the spirit of “Smart & Fun!” and demonstrate their maximum performance. In addition to aspiring to create open innovation that spans the departments at the office, the new office aims to create a more innovative and creative workstyle which is not bound by working hours or location.

Satellite offices

Five office locations within the Kanto area, 33 WeWork sites throughout the country, and roughly 250 offices across Japan have been made available to all employees as satellite offices. These offices are used as an alternative for working from home and as satellite offices close to meeting destinations for employees in the sales department to promote efficient workstyles that shorten the travel time.

  1. *
    As of May 31, 2021

Implementation of telecommuting

We are utilizing online meeting systems, business chat, and other IT tools to implement telecommuting.

As of FY2021, our telecommuting implementation rate is 79.0%.

  1. *
    Includes full-time employees, general employees, fixed-term employees, special fixed-term employees, contract employees, and part-time employees but excludes employees involved in sales tasks who work at stores, etc.
  2. *
    Telecommuting covers working from home and working at satellite offices, etc.
  3. *
    At the request of the Japanese government, we publicize the “status of implementation with respect to reducing the number of people commuting to the office.”

Super Flextime System

This system eliminates core working hours and allows employees to change their starting and ending times on a daily basis based on work conditions.

Premium Friday

We support Premium Friday, a measure developed by Japan's Ministry, Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Premium Friday Promotion Council to promote consumption. With this measure, we encourage employees to leave at 3PM on the last Friday of every month.

No Overtime Day

We have established a “no overtime day” every Wednesday to facilitate fulfilling private time after work has ended and to promote healthy daily lifestyles.

Funding for personal growth

We provide “personal growth funds” of ¥10,000 per month to all full-time employees in order to continue and stimulate actions directed at the personal growth of each individual employee to support the realization of their growth strategies.

Secondary jobs and side businesses

We allow employees to take on secondary jobs that will help them develop skills and grow as long as it will not have an impact on their duties at SoftBank, conditional upon permission from the company in advance. Our goal is to combine the knowledge and know-how acquired by the employees through these initiatives with previously cultivated experience and knowledge to create innovation that will lead to new businesses in the future or revitalize existing businesses.

SoftBank-style internal secondary job system

A SoftBank-style internal secondary job system was introduced in December 2020 as a system for matching needs between “employees who desire growth opportunities and opportunities to display their capabilities” and “organizations that require perspectives, experience, and expertise from outside of the organization.”
The goal of the system is to achieve further employee growth and to promote innovation within the organization.

New workstyles during the coronavirus pandemic

To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, we are promoting the active utilization of new workstyles, measuring people's body temperature at entrances when entering the office, and ensuring sufficient social distancing. Moreover, we are providing employees with WorkStyle support funds (¥4,000 per month) as benefits to support workstyles during the coronavirus pandemic.