HR Policies

We believe that SoftBank must be an organization that continues to evolve, with employees that are continually energized and highly motivated.
To generate the unique energy that characterizes SoftBank, we support employees who take on challenges and reward them for their talents and achievements.

An organization that
continues to evolve

To continue to achieve business success,
it is essential to keep pursuing new ideas and methods without being constrained by tradition or precedents,
while also ensuring that everyone embraces change and pushes toward our goals with enthusiasm.
We will continue to evolve our organization.

Supporting those who take on
challenges and personal growth

We want employees to keep embracing challenges without fear of failure.
New challenges broaden employees’ careers,
Personal growth leads to growth for the company.
We will create opportunities for everyone to take on challenges for their own growth.

Fair rewards for your efforts
and ability

If you have ability and ambition there is no limit to what you can do.
Age, gender, nationality, and educational background don't matter.
Providing opportunities according to abilities,
We will reward employees fairly for the results of their contributions.

Creating an environment in which
all employees can work in a lively manner

We want a diverse roster of talent to enjoy various lifestyles while
working productively with high motivation.
To achieve continued business growth and success,
we strive to become a group of employees who are always energized and highly motivated.

SoftBank Values

To continue to grow as a corporate group for the next 300 years, the SoftBank Group has established action guidelines — SoftBank Values. These are guidelines to promote HR policies that give employees job satisfaction and enable them to make the most of their abilities so that they may fulfill their full potential.