Forecasts for Consolidated Results

For the consolidated financial results forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, while being affected by mobile service price reductions, the Company continues to expect an increase in both revenue and operating income led by the impact of PayPay Corporation consolidation and the growth of the Enterprise segment and the Yahoo! JAPAN/LINE segment.
Forecasts were revised in November 2022 in accordance with the estimated amount of gain on step acquisition in connection with the consolidation of PayPay Corporation.

(Billions of yen)

Year on year Year on year %
Revenue 5,690.6 5,900.0 +209.4 +4%
Adjusted EBITDA*1 1,741.8 1,540.0 -201.8 -12%
Operating income 965.6 1,050.0 +84.4 +9%
Net income*2 514.5 540.0 +25.5 +5%
  1. *1
    Adjusted EBITDA = operating income + depreciation and amortization (including loss on disposal of non-current assets) + stock compensation expenses ± other adjustments
  2. *2
    Net income: net income attributable to owners of SoftBank Corp.
  3. *3
    FY2021 actual figures have been retrospectively adjusted in accordance to changes in accounting policies for transactions under common control
  4. *4
    Revised forecasts announced in November 2022

Forecasts for the Operating Income by Segment

In the Consumer segment, the Company expects a decrease in operating income due to the impact of mobile service price reductions and an increase in sales-related expenses and other items, despite an increase in smartphone subscribers. In the Enterprise segment, the Company expects an increase in operating income related to mobile, cloud and other solution services through promoting digitalization of enterprise customers. In the Distribution segment, the Company forecasts an increase in operating income from the expansion of subscription services. In the Yahoo! JAPAN/LINE segment, the Company expects to make growth investments in commerce and financial services. Also, the Company expects impact from PayPay Corporation consolidation.
Moreover, from the three months ending December 31, 2022, the Company plans to add the Financial segment as a reportable segment. The main operating companies that comprise the Financial segment are expected to be PayPay Corporation, PayPay Card Corporation, PayPay Securities Corporation, and SB Payment Service Corp. In line with this change, the Company has newly disclosed its full-year forecast of operating income for the Financial segment.

(Billions of yen)

Year on year Year on year %
Consumer 639.5 480.0 -159.5 -25%
Enterprise 128.5 141.0 +12.5 +10%
Distribution 22.9 23.5 +0.6 +3%
Financial segment 14.3 -19.0 -33.3 -233%
Yahoo! JAPAN/LINE segment 160.5 170.0 +9.5 +6%
Other*5 -0.1 -40.3 -40.2 -
Estimated amount of gain on step acquisition in connection with the conversion of PayPay Corporation into a subsidiary - 294.8 +294.8 -
Total 965.6 1,050.0 +84.4 +9%
  1. *5
    Other includes information not included in any of the reportable segments, which are the Consumer, Enterprise, Distribution, Financial and Yahoo! JAPAN/LINE segment, and adjustments including eliminations of intersegment transactions and expenses not allocated to each reportable segment