IR Activities

As part of the strengthening of corporate governance system, SoftBank Corp. is working to promote active information disclosure and enhance communication in its IR activities.

Basic policy on disclosure

The Company appropriately discloses both financial and non-financial information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Furthermore, the Company also strives to actively provide more information than required by laws and regulations and the Tokyo Stock Exchange when necessary by carefully considering the impact on investors and other stakeholders. In either case, the Board of Directors strives to ensure that the Company's information disclosure is always fair, clear, and useful.

Disclosure standards

The Company strives to ensure timely and appropriate disclosure of information according to the statutory disclosure requirements based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant acts and ordinances, and as required by the Rules on Timely Disclosure set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company also discloses critical information that is not subject to either statutory disclosure or timely disclosure requirements but could potentially affect investment decisions. This information is disclosed in a fair and prompt manner so as to give all the stakeholders equal access to it.

Methods of disclosure

The Company discloses information required by the timely disclosure regulations through TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and also releases information to the press immediately. Information that is disclosed on TDnet or by other means is also promptly posted on its website.

Information disclosure system

The Company conducts timely disclosure with the Investor Relations Department as the responsible department. The SoftBank Corp. IR Rules set out matters to be reported to the Investor Relations Department related to timely disclosure, including required reporting times and procedures. When timely disclosure is necessary, the Investor Relations Department prepares timely disclosure materials in close coordination with related departments such as Accounting, Finance, Legal, and General Administration and swiftly conducts timely disclosure under the approval of the Director, Executive Vice President & CFO in charge.

Matters subject to timely disclosure requirements related to earnings results are compiled into a disclosure document by the department in charge of accounting and relevant departments based on information collected from group companies. The general manager of the Finance and Accounting Division is responsible for preparation of the disclosure document related to earnings results. The document is swiftly disclosed under the approval of the Director, Executive Vice President & CFO in charge.

Information disclosure system

Quiet period

The Company observes a quiet period of three weeks prior to an earnings results announcement date to prevent divulging earnings information and to ensure fairness. During this quiet period, the Company cannot comment on or answer any inquiries about earnings results. If any event that arises during a quiet period is subject to timely disclosure, however, the Company promptly discloses the information as appropriate.

IR activities

The Company makes continuous effort to enhance communication with shareholders and investors, through briefings held as appropriate and responding to inquiries daily.

General Meeting of Shareholders

Early notification of General Meeting of Shareholders

The Company delivered the Notice for the 33rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 24, 2019 on the statutory date, and posted it on its website five business days before the delivery.

Scheduling AGMs avoiding the peak day

To allow a greater number of the shareholders to attend, the Company schedules the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on off-peak days when meetings of many other companies are not concentrated.

Allowing electronic exercise of voting rights

A system for executing voting rights through the Internet has been in place since 2019 (the 33rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders).

Initiatives to promote understanding

At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company uses video footage to report on its operations to help shareholders better understand the results of operations and the status of its businesses. The chairman of the meeting introduces the Company's medium- to long-term business strategies in addition to reporting on legally mandated items. Moreover, the Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders provides shareholders with a greater volume of information to be used in exercising their voting rights. To facilitate easy reading, the information in the notice is illustrated with charts and color photographs.

Regular briefings for analysts and institutional investors

Earnings results briefings

When quarterly earnings results are announced, the Company holds earnings results briefings for analysts, institutional investors, and the media. The CEO, Vice President and Director, Executive Vice President & CFO explain the business status, strategy, measures and outlook.

In announcing full-year earnings results for FY2018, the Company livestreamed earnings results briefings for analysts and institutional investors on its website. The footage was posted on the website soon after the briefings.

Regular briefings for retail investors

The Company provides clear and highly useful information to individual shareholders and retail investors. Since information is disclosed to a large number of shareholders and investors, the primary means of disclosure is on the website. At the same time, the Company focuses on dialogue also by holding online conferences and briefings with live Q&A sessions mainly at head offices of securities companies in Japan.

Regular briefings for overseas investors

The Company's delegates visit institutional investors outside Japan to explain the business status, strategy, measures and outlook. With regard to disclosure of materials in English, the Company works to keep the disparity in disclosure, in terms of timeliness and volume of information, with the Japanese materials within reason.

Overseas IR activities

The Company's delegates visit institutional investors in Europe, the U.S., and Asia to explain its business and financial strategies. They also participate in conferences held by securities companies overseas to give presentations about the business strategies.

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    The contents of this page are based on information contained in Corporate Governance Report which was revised on November 1, 2019.