Realizing a Diverse Society

Realizing a Diverse Society Realizing a Diverse Society

Aiming for a society where anyone can participate as their true self

We want to make to make the lives of people with disabilities and varied backgrounds
more convenient, abundant, and fun.

Therefore, we are carrying out initiatives that contribute to the realization of a diverse society
in which a wide range of people can participate.

Promoting an inclusive society

Promoting an inclusive society

SoftBank Corp. offers a special “Heart Friend Discount” which provides customers with disabilities with a discount on basic usage fees and other benefits, enabling them to use services with peace of mind. We also provide other services that cater for people with various disabilities, including a help desk where customers can communicate through sign language.

We aim to realize a society in which information technology can be used to enable anyone to communicate and we are supporting people with disabilities to participate in society through various initiatives. These include the development of apps for learning sign language, for teaching people with visual impairments how to use their iPhone, and for people with hearing or visual impairments. In addition, we have the Maho Project, which provides support for children with disabilities, and a short working hours program that allows people who have difficulty working for long hours due to a disability to work less than 20 hours a week.

Realizing a society where anyone can freely demonstrate their capabilities

We aim to establish an environment and provide opportunities that allow a diverse range of people to demonstrate their individuality and capabilities regardless of age, gender, or other factors, create a work environment in which women can give birth and raise children with peace of mind, and to be a company where each individual employee, including those who are LGBTQ or belong to other sexual minorities, can work with satisfaction and pride.

Using information and communications technology to promote new working styles

Reduced-Time Remote Working

We are supporting a reduced-time remote working initiative that utilizes information and communications technology such as PCs, smart phones, and tablets. Reduced-time remote working is an initiative used in cases where factors such as childcare and nursing care responsibilities or illness prevent an employee from attending work physically or working long hours but do not prevent them from carrying out their duties. It enables them to work for shorter periods of time on tasks that do not need to be performed at a specific location, such as their workplace.

We are using information and communications technology to realize working styles that are not limited by distance or time to provide employment opportunities to people who currently have the will to work but are being held back by physical or time-related restrictions.

Helping para-athletes to chase their dreams without limitations

Helping para-athletes to chase their dreams without limitations

We support para-athletes (athletes with disabilities) who are aiming to realize their dreams while doing their best at both work and competitive activities to keep going without limitations no matter what happens. In addition to supporting competitive activities in ways that include providing an environment in which they can balance these activities with work, we are also working to combine the experience cultivated by these athletes with the use and application of information and communications technology to solve social issues with the aim of becoming a richly diverse company where people with a wide range of disabilities can work comfortably.

Affiliated Athlete

Para-Taekwondo athlete Shoko Ota

  • Para-Taekwondo athlete Shoko Ota
    Affiliate department:
    CSR Department
  • My natural positivity and tenacity will shine through as I go all out to qualify for the Tokyo Paralympics. I want to use the work experience I have gained while utilizing the various systems offered by the company to expand my career while also competing actively as an athlete. Through my competitive activities, I hope to communicate the appeal of sports to a large number of people and become a person who inspires hopes and dreams in others.

    Main achievements

    Retired from ski events in April 2014. Started training in para-Taekwondo to help popularize para-sports.


    2019 8th World Para Taekwondo Championships: Bronze medal
    U.S. Open Para Taekwondo Championships: Bronze medal
    2019 Pan American Para Taekwondo Open Championships: Bronze medal
    2018 4th Asian Para Open Taekwondo Championships 2016: Bronze medal
    2016 2nd Asian Para Open Taekwondo Championships 2016: Bronze medal


    2014 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympics
    Women's 6km Biathlon: 6th place, Cross-Country Skiing 1km Sprint: 8th place, Mixed Relay: 7th place
    2010 2010 Vancouver Winter Paralympics
    1km Sprint Classic: silver medal, Biathlon Pursuit: 7th place
    2006 2006 Torino Winter Paralympics
    Women's 12.5km Biathlon: Bronze medal