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Environmental and Resource Management PoliciesMoving forward alongside the planet over the next 300 years

The planet not only provides us with the things we need to live, such as resources, energy, and food,
but also gives us various blessings such as the healing power of beautiful, natural settings.
However, the environmental problems that have become increasingly severe as society develops are
now important issues that cannot be overlooked.

What can we do if we want to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities?
As a company driving the information revolution, SoftBank Corp. wants to contribute
to realizing a society that is in harmony with the environment.

We want to leave a more abundant planet to the next generation, one that has not lost any of its natural value.
The SoftBank Group is aiming to become a group that continues to grow over the next 300 years and as a member company,
we are utilizing cutting edge technology to engage in environmental conservation and the adoption of new energies.

Promoting the use of safe, clean energy

Realizing the effective utilization of limited resources and energy. We are engaged in using alternative forms of energy, including safe, clean solar and wind power.

Using information technology to protect the earth

What we can do to protect our beautiful planet and pass it on to the next generation. We are tackling global warming by actively using information and communications technology to reduce the consumption of paper resources and promote efficient energy use.

Adhering to environmental management

Conserving the global environment is a crucial issue shared by the entire world and we have set targets and are tackling them systematically.