Biodiversity Conservation

Corporate activities receive the benefits of ecosystem services provided from natural assets, so preserving biodiversity is essential from the viewpoint of sustainable corporate management.
To maintain a sustainable Earth with functioning ecosystems for future generations, we will give due consideration to the impacts of our business on ecosystems, and will work to conserve biodiversity through our business and philanthropic activities.

Major initiatives

Protecting the marine environment
through activities to conserve coral

As part of our environmental conservation efforts which include measures to combat global warming and ecosystem maintenance, we launched the “Future and Coral Project” in July 2019 together with Onna Village in Okinawa Prefecture and many companies and organizations to plant coral and actively conserve the environment.

In order to protect the corals and maintain the future ecosystem of the planet, this project collects donations and purchases coral seedlings with such funds, arranges volunteer tours to plant those seedlings and activities to clean up nearby beaches, and disseminates information about coral growth, cooperating companies, and the activities of the organization.

Identifying the risks and opportunities

Regarding the risks and opportunities involved in biodiversity conservation, selections are made in the Environment Committee for regular evaluation and analysis by the officer in charge. Furthermore, issues with a high degree of importance are discussed by the Board of Directors after consulting with the SDGs Promotion Committee.

Risk SoftBank
  • Customer loss due to reputational risk if the initiative is insufficient
  • Financial impact due to strengthening of legal regulations
Supply chain Supply chain instability due to legal regulations and lawsuits, etc.
Opportunity Brand enhancement through the encouragement of donations and information dissemination using IT tools