For the Senior Generation

For the Senior Generation For the Senior Generation

We want to create a society in which people can enjoy the lifestyle of their choosing, in comfort and in good physical and mental health, regardless of their age. Through IoT, smart robots, autonomous driving technology, and other innovations, we aim to contribute to building a society where senior citizens can maintain direct and indirect connections with their local communities.

Providing a new mobility service that
uses automated driving technology

Automated BRT, one solution to rural transportation issues

Automated BRT, one solution to rural transportation issues

SoftBank Corp. is working with relevant local organizations to achieve sustainable transportation services in conjunction with planned community development. One such initiative concerns next-generation mobility services that can operate safely, stably and flexibly while maintaining transportation capacity and speed. More specifically, we are working on the development of automated bus rapid transit (BRT) technology in which different types of self-driving buses run in convoys.

SoftBank Corp. and West Japan Railway Company (JR-West) started BRT trials using automated driving and convoy driving technology on a dedicated test course (Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture) in October 2021, working toward social implementation as a next-generation mobility service by the mid-2020s.

Sustainable public transport using autonomous vehicles

Sustainable public transport using autonomous vehicles

Against the backdrop of bus route closures and driver shortages, BOLDLY Inc. is providing support for the implementation of self-driving buses across Japan and provides the Dispatcher platform for self-driving fleet management. Through these and other initiatives, BOLDLY is working to realize convenient and sustainable mobility services using autonomous vehicles.

On December 1, 2022, MONET began regular services of a NAVYA ARMA self-driving bus in the town of Kamishihoro, Hokkaido. Marking a major transition is scheduled to commence during FY2023, with the aim of realizing the practical implementation of Level 4 automated driving service in an urban area.*

  1. *
    For some time after the transition, the bus will operate at Level 2 in some situations, such as at intersections with traffic signals.

Aiming to develop easy-to-use, senior-friendly products

We offer simple, easy-to-use smartphone devices designed specifically for senior citizens, even those who have never used a smartphone before.

Simple Smartphone 6

The “Simple Smartphone 6”, has a large menu display and large keys and letters making reading and typing easier.
Not only that, SoftBank is working to enrich and improve the convenience of senior citizens' active lifestyles with this model that allows them to quickly look up directions, connections, etc. thanks to its voice search that can be used by simply tapping the microphone icon.

Kantan Smartphone 3

The Y!Mobile “Kantan Smartphone 3,” is SoftBank's “Y!Mobile” brand product for which we set the specifications and outsourced manufacturing to handset manufacturers. We developed these to help hesitant users shift from feature phones to smartphones by bridging the digital divide with operability and features needed by elderly people, as well as to protect them from crime. The “Kantan Smartphone 3” has been certified as an excellent security phone by the National Federation of Crime Prevention Associations as a high-quality crime prevention telephone device.

Service Overview
Push-to-support In the event that you are unsure of the operation of the device while using, just press the support button and the device will understand the situation and solve the problem on its own. It also connects to a free dedicated consultation service.
Anti-nuisance phone function

If you receive an unwanted call such as an oreore scam, bank transfer scam, or persistent sales call, the system will warn you that the call is dangerous. In addition, if you receive a call, the system will automatically record the voice of the caller as well as the warning guidance to you.

  • *
    We have already applied for a patent for the voice guidance of the nuisance call prevention function.

A new service to look after seniors using IoT

Mimamori Plus-24* was launched on April 1, 2022 for local governments across Japan as a new service that helps look after seniors who live alone.

Previous emergency alert services presented numerous issues like needing a land-line or not working outdoors. Mimamori Plus-24 solves these issues, enabling more comprehensive monitoring of seniors' safety by combining an emergency alert system using kids' phones provided by SoftBank Corp., activity detection via IoT sensors provided by SB C&S Corp., and a contact center run by Anshin Support Co., Ltd.

  1. *
    This service is provided through a business tie-up between Anshin Support, SoftBank Corp. (which implements social contribution activities and provides IoT devices and communication lines), and SB C&S (which provides IoT sensor-related products and services to enterprises)
A New Service to Look After Seniors Using IoT

Using smartphones to track wandering seniors

Supporting the search for missing persons with dementia using smartphones

SoftBank Corp. is cooperating with the Comprehensive Strategy to Accelerate Dementia Measures (New Orange Plan) promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and other related ministries and agencies. SoftBank provides “Orange Safety Net”, a smartphone-based application to support the monitoring of elderly people with dementia, in cooperation with the National Caravan Mate Liaison Council*.

Through the service, local governments and community search collaborators work together, sharing information in real time about the search to help quickly find the missing person. To protect personal information, search requests made by seniors' families or other parties can only be seen by search collaborators who have been approved ahead of time by the municipality and have agreed to participate in the search through the app. After the search is over, access to the request is automatically restricted, thus making the information available only to those who need it while they need it.

  • *
    An organization affiliated with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare which holds training courses for supporters of people with dementia. (in Japanese)

Promoting walking and address geriatric frailty

Promoting walking and address geriatric frailty

SoftBank Corp. has launched initiatives to address geriatric frailty by using technology to improve the health of seniors.

Frailty is a weakened state of decreased physical and cognitive function, in which individuals are not fully healthy but do not yet require nursing care. Working with Fujimino City, Saitama, and Kofu Town, Tottori, in June 2022 SoftBank Corp. began pilot testing of a new smartphone app, Ugokuma, to promote the formation of walking habits. Following the pilot test, the Ugokuma app was provided on the Kantan Smartphone 3, launched in March 2023, to support steps customers are taking against frailty.