For the Senior Generation

For the Senior Generation For the Senior Generation

We want to create a society in which people can enjoy the lifestyle of their choosing, in comfort and in good physical and mental health, regardless of their age. Through IoT, smart robots, autonomous driving technology, and other innovations, we aim to contribute to building a society where senior citizens can maintain direct and indirect connections with their local communities.

Providing a new mobility service that uses automated driving technology


BOLDLY Inc. is endeavoring to make mobility services a reality that utilizes automated driving technology in an effort to create a society where everyone, including, of course, the seniors and people with disabilities, can freely get around conveniently and safely. The operation of fixed-route buses with automated vehicles is expected to be one of the solutions to problems faced by transport operators, such as the driver shortage, and a means of assisting the elderly and others with transportation, and automated buses are being introduced throughout Japan.

Providing easy-to-use, senior-friendly services

We offer simple, easy-to-use smartphone devices designed specifically for senior citizens, even those who have never used a smartphone before.

Simple Smartphone 6

The “Simple Smartphone 6”, has a large menu display and large keys and letters making reading and typing easier.
Not only that, SoftBank is working to enrich and improve the convenience of senior citizens' active lifestyles with this model that allows them to quickly look up directions, connections, etc. thanks to its voice search that can be used by simply tapping the microphone icon.

Kantan Smartphone2+

The Y!Mobile “Kantan Smartphone 2+,” which launched in 2020, is SoftBank's “Y!Mobile” brand product for which we set the specifications and outsourced manufacturing to handset manufacturers. We developed these to help hesitant users shift from feature phones to smartphones by bridging the digital divide with operability and features needed by elderly people, as well as to protect them from crime.

Service Overview
Push-to-support In the event that you are unsure of the operation of the device while using, just press the support button and the device will understand the situation and solve the problem on its own. It also connects to a free dedicated consultation service.
Anti-nuisance phone function

If you receive an unwanted call such as an oreore scam, bank transfer scam, or persistent sales call, the system will warn you that the call is dangerous. In addition, if you receive a call, the system will automatically record the voice of the caller as well as the warning guidance to you.

  • *
    We have already applied for a patent for the voice guidance of the nuisance call prevention function.

Evaluation by an external organization

The “Kantan Smartphone 2+” has been certified as an excellent security phone by the National Federation of Crime Prevention Associations as a recommended device.

Supporting the search for missing persons with dementia using smartphones

Supporting the search for missing persons with dementia using smartphones

SoftBank is cooperating with the Comprehensive Strategy to Accelerate Dementia Measures (New Orange Plan) promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and other related ministries and agencies. SoftBank provides “Orange Safety Net”, a smartphone-based application to support the monitoring of elderly people with dementia, in cooperation with the National Caravan Mate Liaison Council*. This service supports early detection of missing elderly people with dementia by utilizing smartphones of local residents and welfare/caregiving related persons such as local comprehensive support centers, care managers, Orange supporters, etc.

  • *
    An organization affiliated with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare which holds training courses for supporters of people with dementia.