Environmental Management

Environmental action guidelines

  • SoftBank Corp. is engaged in preservation and conservation of the global environment that leverage the nature and scope of its respective businesses for the continuous development of a sustainable society. Specifically, SoftBank will:
  • Comply with environmental laws, ordinances and other regulations and requirements.
    Develop and operate environmental management systems necessary to make continuous improvements in such environmental areas as energy conservation, resource conservation and waste reduction to reduce environmental impact caused through operational activities.
  • Promote environmental-friendly green procurement in our purchase of office equipment and supplies.
  • Strive to develop and offer networking technologies and services that reduce environmental impact for the energy conservation of the entire society.
  • Enhance environmental awareness through the environmental education of employees and promote communication through the appropriate disclosure of the information.

Environmental management system

SoftBank has established an environmental management system, developed Environmental Action Guidelines, and put in place an administrative framework to promote environmentally conscious corporate activities and actively engage in environmental conservation.

We are aiming to improve the environmental sustainability of our corporate activities by focusing on the prevention of global warming, the promotion of mobile phone recycling, and the conservation of resources.
As public awareness of environmental issues grows, corporations are facing more diverse demands to provide environmentally friendly products and services, to adhere to regulations governing environmental protection, and to achieve energy conservation and resource saving through smart business practices. To respond swiftly to these trends and demands, SoftBank has incorporated a PDCA (plan, execution, confirmation, improvement) cycle to guide our environmental management system and improvements are made on a continuous basis.

  • Environmental management system

Environmental management structure

To promote group-wide environmental conservation activities, SoftBank has established the Environment Committee covering environmental matters, which complies with ISO14001.

  • Environmental management structure

Environmental targets

The SoftBank has established environmental management systems and set targets to drive our corporate activities with a view to promoting and improving the earth's environment.

Environmental targets in offices

SoftBank Corp. has established environmental management systems, and its Head Office and Sapporo Office have been certified in the ISO 14000 environment management standard. We are presently carrying out environmental protection activities at our Head Office and at our offices throughout Japan.

Type of activity Location (scope) of activity FY2019
Focus of activity Objective of activity
Clean energy Stable operation of on-site fuel cells to generate electricity Head Office Electricity consumption 25% reduction compared with FY2010 levels
Lights-out management system Implemented at Head Office Continued light-out management system
In-company education Training on environmental matters Company wide Knowledge about environmental matters Increase staff knowledge of the laws governing treatment of industrial waste and handling Freon gas
Increase staff knowledge about how to handle used mobile phones

Environmental targets at network centers

We pro-actively undertake environmental preservation activities with the maintenance and management of our network infrastructure facilities. To minimize the environmental impact from SoftBank's business activities, network centers across Japan are ISO14001 certified.

Type of activity FY2019
Focus of activity Objective of activity
Energy-saving Efficient use of electrical energy Electrical energy use (consumption) A 1% reduction in a year
Waste materials Proper handling of industrial waste Industrial waste Proper handling
Proper handling of waste CFCs Waste CFCs Proper handling

Environmental data

Data about emissions and resource usage is provided for SoftBank Corp. SoftBank aims to reduce the burden its activities place upon the environment.

  • *
    SoftBank BB Corp., SoftBank Telecom Corp. and Ymobile Corporation merged into SoftBank Mobile Corp. on April 1, 2015. SoftBank Mobile Corp. changed its company name to SoftBank Corp. on July 1, 2015.As a result of this merger, the amount of resources used and the volume of substances of concern emitted by SoftBank Corp. increased substantially in fiscal 2015.

Resource usage

Fiscal year
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
(kWh (000's))
849,073 936,013 1,357,188 1,337,983 1,418,747 1,355,659
City gas
(m3 (000's))
265 670 4,460 4,835 4,731 4,554
Bunker A fuel oil
36 52 79 65 144 190

Emission levels of substances of concern

Fiscal year
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
506,605 540,707 765,845 734,499 720,768 684,990

The former SoftBank BB Corp.

Resource usage

Item Unit Fiscal year
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Electricity kWh (000's) 13,508 10,326 10,215 11,141 9,816
City gas m3 (000's) 165 158 226 198 273

Emission levels of substances of concern

Item Unit Fiscal year
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
CO2 t-CO2 6,741 5,093 6,033 7,072 6,027

The former SoftBank Telecom Corp.

Resource usage

Item Unit Fiscal year
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Electricity kWh (000's) 267,286 258,968 277,244 292,887 293,450
City gas m3 (000's) 3,804 3,484 3,682 3,879 5,478
Bunker A fuel oil kl 50 57 105 33 258

Emission levels of substances of concern

Item Unit FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014
CO2 t-CO2 124,360 118,276 147,334 176,620 176,688