Press Releases (SoftBank Telecom Corp.) 2007

SOFTBANK TELECOM Starts Offering Office Wireless LAN System, "ULTINA Wireless Office"Securing office mobility and realizing improvement of operational efficiency and productivity

AppendixAbout "ULTINA Wireless Office"

All-In-One package service

This is a packaged product for setting up a wireless LAN environment including the rental of wireless access points (AP), installation, operation monitoring, maintenance, authentication function to join the wireless LAN network, and so on. It adopts the highly reliable Cisco Aironet series to build the wireless access points and switches necessary for a wireless LAN environment.

Site survey at customer’s house (at customer’s expense)

Assess waves coming in to customer’s office from outside and radio field intensity to confirm the necessary number of wireless access points, model, radio standard and so on.

Rental service of wireless access point equipment and switching HUB (switch)

Wireless access point equipment: Cisco Aironet 1130AG Series (for office use), or Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series (for the places such as outdoor, in-plant, vaulted ceiling, etc.)

  • *Includes external antenna and power injector for both equipments

Switching HUB: Model for rental: Catalyst2940 (8 ports) or Catalyst2960 (24 ports)

Set-up wireless access point equipment and Switching HUB

Set-up wireless access points and Switching HUB based on the hearing sheet. Provide either 802.11a or b or g for radio system based on the environment

Installation of wireless access point equipment and Switching HUB, and testing after the installation

SBTM to install wireless access point equipment and Switching HUB

Monitoring and maintenance of wireless access point equipment and Switching HUB

Wireless access point equipment and Switching HUB will be remotely monitored 24 hours 365 days in the operation center, and this center reports any trouble it detects. Equipment trouble shooting will be handled on site 24 hours 365 days.

Seamless environment available in and out of the office

Able to use the same ID and password for all "Access Gateway", remote connection services to "ULTINA IP-VPN" or "ULTINA Wide Ethernet" and public wireless LAN services "BB Mobile Point", provided by SBTM.

Robust security

Use "RADIUS authentication Platform", RADIUS authentication service. Adopt WPA-TKIP* as wiretapping measure, and EAP-PEAP** as masquerade access point measures.

  • *TKIP: Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
  • **EAP-PEAP: Extensible Authentication Protocol Protected EAP

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