Health and Medical Support

Health and Medical Support Health and Medical Support

Realizing a world where everyone can enjoy
the best medical care and support

We want to use information technology to connect people and medical care.

We are contributing to the creation of an environment that supports health by enabling all people to access cutting edge medical care, early illness detection services, and preventative healthcare at any time, anywhere.

Using smart phones and tablets to record
and manage family health and growth

Growth Log Service

Our Growth Log Service is an online service aimed at local governments that enables information regarding an individual and their family's health, growth, and development to be recorded and managed throughout their life using smart phones and tablets. In addition to having a mother and child health handbook function for recording the results of prenatal checkups and information regarding an infant's development, it manages the family's history of illness, and hospital and pharmacy visits and can also be used to deliver notifications from the local government regarding topics that are appropriate to the individual's life stage, such as information on vaccinations or checkups.

Smart Body Composition Meter, an IoT device that provides daily health management support

Personal Health Support

Our Smart Body Composition Meter 2 and Personal Health Support services aim to manage and improve health.
Smart Body Composition Meter 2 is an IoT device equipped with communication functions that measures and records various health-related data from the wearer, including weight, body fat, and muscle and bone mass, and automatically transmits it to the cloud, enabling the automatic management of Personal Health Support.
Personal Health Support contributes to health promotion by providing a selection of tools for improving lifestyle habits based on questionnaires that explores the user's lifestyle habits and logged personal data, such as weight and step counts.