Educational Support

Educational Support Educational Support

Nurturing children's infinite potential

We want to give all children the opportunity to accumulate experiences using advanced technology.
We are providing the support to overcome regional boundaries and nurture the growth of tomorrow's leaders.

Provide educational programs aimed at
developing human resources who can utilize AI

Provide educational programs aimed at developing human resources who can utilize AI

With the rapid spread of AI (artificial intelligence) technology, we are promoting cutting-edge AI research and various business activities using AI. As part of this effort, we are offering a new educational program called “AI Challenge”*. The program is aimed mainly at high school students and provides them with opportunities to learn the basics of AI and how to use it by trying out AI constructs used in the real world, with the aim of developing human resources who can play an active role in society in the future by considering the future with the development of AI.

  1. *
    The service is scheduled to start in April 2022.

Supporting the use of ICT in extra-curricular activities

ICT in extra-curricular activities

SoftBank provides an ICT service for extra-curricular activities and physical education in schools to support teachers who are concerned about their leadership capabilities or experience in competitive sport.

Students and teachers can receive remote guidance from experienced coaches through online videos that can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Through this service, we aim to create an environment in which children can improve and gain more pleasure from sports.

Making a difference for 10 yen per month

Charity Smile

Charity Smile was launched nationwide by SoftBank Corp. to support children without a stable family situation. Customers can donate 10 yen per month, which Softbank Corp. matches, so that each month a total of 20 yen is donated.

The affordable 10 yen can be added when monthly mobile phone charges are paid, and this can continue on a monthly basis without any inconvenience to the customer. If a major disaster occurs, wherever the location, a portion of the funds are earmarked for donation to support the affected area.

Programming workshops in schools

Programming workshops in schools

In advance of the 2020 education reforms which will make programming compulsory, SB C&S holds programming workshops in elementary and junior high schools.

Students can learn the basics of programming in an easy-to-understand manner thanks to the use of SoftBank drones and robots for STEM education, and unique program content from a collaboration with students of Yokohama's Iwasaki Gakuen Computer Science School.

In FY 2017, the workshop was also held in Namie Junior High School in Fukushima Prefecture, to support an area affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.