SoftBank AI Ethics Policy

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    Please note that this document is an unofficial translation and was prepared for reference purpose only. The original release is in Japanese.

SOFTBANK CORP. has consistently contributed to society through the information revolution, based on its management philosophy of “Information Revolution Happiness for everyone”. Technology should be used only for the happiness of people, and should never cause them grief or suffering.
We believe that AI has the potential to bring creative destruction to all industries more widely than any other technology ever created by mankind, and to contribute more than ever to realize the human happiness. As a corporate group that believes in the potential of AI and is a leader in its development, we aim to create a world in which AI is properly used for the happiness of people.

This policy is intended to complement on AI ethics, but not contradict to the following previously established policies.
SoftBank Human Rights Policy
SoftBank Privacy Policy
Information Security Policy

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    Principle of Human-Centeredness
    We believe that AI exists to make people happy and should be used only as a decision-making aid for people who use it to solve social problems. We aim to create AI that makes people happier through its use.
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    Respect for Fairness
    Fair AI cannot be realized unless we humans have fair values. We respect all people regardless of race, nationality, age, religion, gender, etc. We will develop, design, provide, and use AI based on the same principle, paying attention to the existence of social minorities, such as women, racial minorities, and sexual minorities, which are not readily apparent in commonly distributed data. We aim to realize an inclusive society through technology.
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    Pursuit of Transparency and Accountability
    In order to coexist and develop together with AI, it is important to create an environment in which people can understand the results of AI-based judgments and verify the basis of those judgments when necessary. We will strive for transparency in explaining how we use the results of AI judgments. We aim to develop and use AI with verifiability regarding the reliability of the AI and a high level of accountability regarding the basis for the judgments.
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    Ensuring Safety
    We believe that AI that contributes to people's happiness can only be realized with a high level of safety. We shall strive to design and develop AI that does not threaten the life, liberty, dignity, or property of individuals, and to create a world in which all people can use AI safely.
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    Privacy Protection and Security
    Data is indispensable for the design, development, and use of AI. Without a large amount of accurate data to educate AI, its development and contribution to society cannot be realized. That is why we will appropriately manage and operate various types of data, including personal data, in accordance with internal rules, relevant laws and regulations, and social ethics to prevent unauthorized access, etc., and protect privacy so that people can use AI with peace of mind.
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    Development of AI Human resources and Literacy
    We have been focusing on the development of advanced technology. While technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, the people who utilize it must also be constantly evolving and capable of handling technology responsibly. In order to realize a society in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of AI to the fullest, we will actively engage in education and training to enhance the skills and literacy of both the developers and users of AI.

Revision of this Policy
We will review this policy as necessary and respond flexibly in light of national and regional guidelines on AI, changes in people's lifestyles and environments, accumulated examples in the industry, developments in technology itself, and dialogues with various stakeholders. We will flexibly respond to such changes as necessary.

Affiliated companies that apply this AI ethics policy

This AI Ethics Policy sets out guidelines for all officers and employees of SOFTBANK CORP. And affiliated companies to utilize AI and conduct research and development.

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    Except for SoftBank Corporation, listed in no particular order.
  • ALES Corp.
  • BB Satellite Corp.
  • BBSS Corporation
  • BOLDLY Inc.
  • C Channel Corporation
  • Cinarra Systems Japan Kabushiki Kaisha
  • Cotofure Inc.
  • DiDi Mobility Japan Corp.
  • Findability Sciences K.K.
  • ITplace Corp.
  • MICE Platform Co., Ltd.
  • mysta Corporation
  • OpenStreet Co.,Ltd
  • PayPay Corporation
  • PayPay Securities Corporation
  • PS Communications,Inc.
  • PS Solutions Corp.
  • S and BTS Global K.K.
  • SB C&S Corp.
  • SB Intuitions Corp.
  • SB Atwork Corp.
  • SB Innoventure Corporation
  • SB Engineering Corp.
  • SB Gift Corp.
  • SB Creative Corp.
  • SB Technology Corp.
  • SB Power Corp.
  • SB Players Corp.
  • SB Frameworks Corp.
  • SB Payment Service Corp.
  • SB Media Holdings Corp.
  • STATION Ai Corp.
  • Tabist Co., Ltd.
  • umamill Corp.
  • Wireless City Planning Inc.
  • ITcrowd Corp.
  • ITmedia Inc.
  • IPLogic co., Ltd.
  • ASORA Tech Corp.
  • INCUDATA Corporation
  • Air Trust Corp.
  • S&I Co., Ltd.
  • Odds Park Corp.
  • Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Tugikuru Corp.
  • Telenishi Corp.
  • DeeCorp Limited
  • BB Backbone Corporation
  • Healthcare Technologies Corp.
  • Mom's Lab CORP.
  • Realize Innovations Corp.
  • LeadInX Corp.
  • Lineo Solutions, Inc.
  • Aeris Japan K.K.
  • AGOOP corp.
  • AXSEED, Inc.
  • IDC Frontier Inc.
  • IoTBank Co,. Ltd.
  • eMnet
  • OfaaS Corp.
  • Satofull Corp.
  • Tanemaki Inc.
  • Tanemaki JOSO Inc.
  • Tabirism Corp.
  • Kan Corporation
  • Japan Computer Vision Corp.
  • Netvision Co., Ltd.

Supplementary provisions

This AI Ethics Policy shall be enforced from July 12, 2022.