Biography Masayoshi Son

Masayoshi Son
Masayoshi Son
Date of birth:
August 11, 1957; 61 years old
(As of June 24, 2019)
Sept. 1981 Founded SOFTBANK Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.), Chairman & CEO
Jan. 1996 President & CEO, Yahoo Japan Corporation
Apr. 2006 Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, Vodafone K.K. (currently the Company)
June 2007 President & CEO, the Company
Apr. 2015 Chairman, the Company
June 2015 Director, Yahoo Japan Corporation (to present)
Mar. 2016 Manager, SoftBank Group International GK (currently SoftBank Group Japan Corporation)
June 2017 Chairman & CEO, SoftBank Group Corp. (to present)
Apr. 2018 Chairman, the Company (to present)
June 2018 Representative Director, SoftBank Group Japan Corporation (to present)
  1. *
    Yahoo Japan Corporation changed its trade name to Z Holdings Corporation as of October 1, 2019.