Biography Ken Miyauchi

Ken Miyauchi
Director & Special Advisor
Ken Miyauchi
Date of birth:
November 1, 1949; 74 years old

Number of shares held in the Company:
(As of June 20, 2023)
(As of April 1, 2024)
Feb. 1977 Joined Japan Management Association
Oct. 1984 Joined SOFTBANK Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.)
Feb. 1988 Director, SOFTBANK Corp.
Apr. 1993 Executive Managing Director, SOFTBANK Corp.
Sep. 1999 President, SoftBank Commerce Corp. (currently the Company)
Jan. 2003 Director & Vice President, SOFTBANK BB Corp. (currently the Company)
Apr. 2006 Executive Vice President, Director & COO, Vodafone K.K. (currently the Company)
Mar. 2007 Director, Representative Vice President & COO, the Company
June 2007 Representative Director & COO, the Company
June 2012 Director, Yahoo Japan Corporation (currently Z Holdings Corporation*)
June 2013 Representative Director, Senior Executive Vice President of SOFTBANK Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.)
Apr. 2014 Representative Director & Chairman, SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. (currently SB C&S Corp.)
Apr. 2015 President & CEO, the Company
Apr. 2018 Director, SoftBank Group Corp. (to present)
Apr. 2018 Representative Director, President & CEO, the Company
June 2018 President & CEO, the Company
Mar. 2021 President, Representative Director (Chairperson of the Board), A Holdings Corporation (to present)
Apr. 2021 Representative Director & Chairman, the Company
Apr. 2023 Director & Chairman, the Company
Apr. 2024 Director & Special Advisor, the Company (to present)

Concurrent position in other listed companies

Director, SoftBank Group Corp.

Since taking office as Director & Vice President of SOFTBANK BB Corp. (currently the Company) in January 2003, Ken Miyauchi has contributed to expanding the fixed-line communications and mobile communications businesses. Since becoming the Company's President in April 2015, he has not only expanded the telecommunications business in Japan but also aggressively promoted entry into new fields with a focus on the Internet based on the Beyond Carrier strategy. From April 2021, he served as the Company's Representative Director & Chairman, and from April 2023, he oversaw the entire Company group as the Company's Director & Chairman. In April 2024, he became the Company's Director & Special Advisor.

  1. *
    On October 1, 2023, Z Holdings Corporation, as the surviving company, completed an intra-group reorganization involving mainly itself and two of its core wholly owned subsidiaries, LINE Corporation and Yahoo Japan Corporation, and changed its trade name to LY Corporation.