CSR for Business Partners

CSR for Business Partners CSR for Business Partners

Evolving together with our business partners

SoftBank has always chosen business partners that share our vision toward social contribution, working together to create innovative services offering new lifestyle propositions.
We foster relationships of trust based on mutual understanding, and improve by learning from each other for the benefit of our customers.
We maintain fair relationships with business partners and provide an environment where customers can choose quality products and services with confidence.
We share a passion for contribution to society through our products and services, and pursue innovation together with our business partners.
SoftBank evolves together with its business partners.

Maintaining fair business relations with business partners

The Procurement Policy of SoftBank Corp. sets the following eight items: provision of fair opportunities for competition, selection of business partners based on rational and clear criteria, compliance with laws, management of confidential information provided by business partners, mutual confidence-building with business partners, green procurement, prohibition of mixing private relations, and positive evaluation of CSR efforts by business partners. All actions undertaken by procurement divisions are compliant with the Procurement Policy. Details of each item are available on the websites of SoftBank and the internal and external parties concerned are informed of the policy to ensure understanding.

Addressing CSR challenges together with business partners

Addressing CSR challenges together with business partners

SoftBank Corp. maintain a Code of Ethical Purchasing and ask business partners for their cooperation in complying with the code. The purpose of the code is to enable the Group to maintain public trust by providing safe and reliable products and services to customers. The code consists of the following ten items: environmental consideration, information security, fair competition, quality and safety assurance, occupational health and safety, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of forced labor, prohibition of discriminatory and inhumane treatment, work hours, and fair payment.

Details of each item are publicized on the websites of SoftBank to facilitate better understanding by business partners. In order to understand their efforts regarding each item of the Code of Ethical Purchasing, key business partners are asked for cooperation in answering questionnaires about their efforts. Should a violation of the code occur, business partners are requested to correct it without delay.

Promoting fair trade with procurement support service

Rather than focusing on one-time cost reductions, DeeCorp's multi-faceted approach to reducing procurement costs provides an environment in which companies can visualize their procurement situation and streamline the procurement process and supports comprehensive and sustainable cost reductions in collaboration with customers.
One of DeeCorp's core services, Quotation@Dee, promotes appropriate business transactions by ensuring fair purchase requirements and specifications through the thorough comparison of quotations, a transparent supplier selection process and by preventing excessive dependence on specific suppliers and reciprocal dealings.
Currently, more than 1,200*1 large corporate purchasers, including SoftBank companies, use DeeCorp's services in transactions with approximately 12,000 suppliers.

  1. *1
    As of April 2014

Promoting products that help reduce CO2 emissions

In order to contribute to the sustainable development of society, SoftBank Corp. established Green Procurement Guidelines to explain our fundamental ideas on green procurement to our partners. These guidelines are in accordance with proposals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications-sponsored Council for Safe and Secure Information and Communication Promotion, and the ICT Ecology Guideline Council's “Ecology Guidelines for the ICT Industry”*2. The guidelines aim to facilitate procurement of products that reduce CO2 emissions. SoftBank values the voluntary and proactive approach of all our partners. By working together on conservation, we can ensure that our business activities take the importance of the environment into account.

  1. *2
    The council was established by the Telecommunications Carriers Association, Telecom Services Association, Japan Internet Providers Association, Communications and Information Network Association of Japan and the ASP-SaaS-Cloud Consortium on June 26, 2009 to take further industry-wide measures to prevent global warming.