Press Releases (SoftBank BB Corp.) 2002

Name and Directors of New Company after Merger of Four Subsidiaries

December 13, 2002

BB Technologies Corporation, a SOFTBANK subsidiary that will be the surviving company from a four-subsidiary merger announced on November 15 (BB Technologies Corporation, SOFTBANK Networks Inc., SOFTBANK EC HOLDINGS CORP. and SOFTBANK COMMERCE CORP.) will change its name to "SOFTBANK BB Corp." effective as of January 7, 2003.

Also on January 7, the persons listed below will be installed as directors and auditors of SOFTBANK BB Corp.

1. Name in Japanese:


2. Name in English:


The name "SOFTBANK BB" is designed to convey the company's commitment to enriching people and society by providing a wide range of communications tools, including "Yahoo! BB " and other broadband (BB) infrastructure, services and products. The company will capitalize on predominant speed to promote the revolutionary "BB Age."

3. New company logo:

4. Directors (as of January 7)

President and CEO: Masayoshi Son (President and CEO, BB Technologies Corporation)
Executive Vice President: Ken Miyauchi (President and CEO, SOFTBANK EC HOLDINGS CORP.)
Managing director: Yutaka Shinto (President and CEO, SOFTBANK Networks Inc.)
Director and CTO: Takashi Tsutsui (CTO, BB Technologies Corporation)
Director: Yoshitaka Kitao (President and CEO, SOFTBANK FINANCE CORPORATION)
Director: Hiroaki Kitano (VP, Business Development, Yahoo Japan Corporation)
Director: Taizo Son (CEO, Indigo Holdings Corp.)
Director: Goro Watanabe (Chairman, Mitsui Chemicals Inc.)
Auditor: Hiroshi Nishimura (Auditor, BB Technologies Corporation)
Auditor: Takashi Miwa (Auditor, SOFTBANK EC HOLDINGS CORP.)
Auditor: Yoichiro Ando (Full-time Auditor, SOFTBANK COMMERCE CORP.)
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