Press Releases (SoftBank BB Corp.) 2004

Regarding Change of Yahoo! BB Email Address Free-of charge

February 27, 2004

SOFTBANK BB Corp. has released the following press release.

We wish to offer our sincerest apologies to our customers and concerned parties, who have supported us so closely, for any inconvenience caused by the events reported in recent news reports. Our two SOFTBANK Group companies (SOFTBANK BB Corp. and Yahoo Japan Corporation, Group representative: Masayoshi Son) have decided to offer customers an opportunity to change their email addresses free of charge during the period of February 27, 17:30 to May 31, 2004 for the Yahoo! BB comprehensive broadband service jointly provided by both companies.

SOFTBANK BB Corp. has received numerous requests from Yahoo! BB customers to change their email addresses. Yahoo! email addresses and Yahoo! JAPAN IDs were included in the data leaked on 4,517,039 customers. In response SOTFTBANK BB Corp. has requested Yahoo Japan Corporation, which manages the email address program, to arrange to change customers’ email addresses free of charge. Consequently, we are happy to announce that Yahoo! BB customers will be able to change their email addresses free of charge any number of times during the period of February 27, 17:30 to May 31, 2004.

Current System

  • First email address change is free of charge. Subsequent changes cost 200 yen (tax not included) for each change.

Revised system

  • Email addresses can be changed as required for free of charge (until May 31, 2004)

URL for email address changes


  • The part of the present Yahoo! BB email address (***** to the left of @ (email account) can be changed to the letters or characters of customers’ choice.
  • Customers can choose one of the following for handling emails delivered to their previous email address:
    • To Receive email delivered to the previous email address for 30 days
    • Not to receive email delivered to the previous email address
  • Changing the Yahoo! BB email address (***** means that the current Yahoo! email address (***** account will be changed to the same email address also.
  • The information is true and accurate at the time of publication.
    Price, specification, contact and other information of products and service may be subjected to change. The information contains certain forward-looking statements that are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements.