Press Releases (SoftBank BB Corp.) 2004

SOFTBANK BB Establishes Privacy Management Advisory Board

March 3, 2004

SOFTBANK BB Corp. has issued a press release on the attempted extortionusing "Yahoo! BB" customer information. Details are provided below.

SOFTBANK BB Corp. established today a Privacy Management Advisory Board to prevent recurrence of the recent case of attempted extortion involving stolen customer information and to further enhance the company's personal information management system.

The Advisory Board consists of outside experts in risk management and privacy issues. They will be asked to assess the company's information management from an objective standpoint and to provide recommendations that can be used in the development of policies and programs to strengthen its information management systems.

On October 1, 2003, the company established an internal Privacy Management Committee, in addition to that the newly set up Advisory Board will enable it to seek the opinions of outside experts in order to better enhance its personal information management systems.


  • Recommendations for the improvement of the company's personal information management systems
  • Monitoring of the progress of improvement programs
  • Checking and monitoring of the personal information management
  • Providing information on social trends and recent developments in the area of personal information management


  • Mr. Raisuke Miyawaki (former Advisor to the Prime Minister for Public Affairs, the Senior Cabinet Secretariat )
  • Ms. Nobuko Takahashi (journalist, member of the Financial System Council)
  • Mr. Jiro Makino (lawyer, expert on information crime)


  • The Advisory Board will meet regularly and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • The information is true and accurate at the time of publication.
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