Press Releases (SoftBank BB Corp.) 2004

Free Provision of Comprehensive Security Service to Yahoo! BB Members

March 18, 2004

SOFTBANK BB Corp. has issued a press release on the attempted extortion using "Yahoo! BB" customer information. Details are provided below.

SOFTBANK BB Corp. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masayoshi Son; hereinafter "SOFTBANK BB") has decided to provide "BB Security powered by Symantec (TM)" free of charge to all Yahoo! BB members for approximately six months starting from today through the end of September 2004. SOFTBANK BB currently offers BB Security powered by Symantec (TM) as an optional service for the purpose of reinforcing security for Yahoo! BB members.

SOFTBANK BB provides BB Security powered by Symantec (TM) as an ISP supplementary service in order to enable Yahoo! BB members to safely use various broadband services. (*Monthly fee including tax: 514 yen)

In an effort to prevent the reoccurrence of the recent case of attempted extortion using "Yahoo! BB" customer information, SOFTBANK BB has conducted a companywide review of its information management system, and devised specific safety measures on the organizational, physical, technical/operational, and personnel fronts. In addition, SOFTBANK BB has undertaken medium- and long-term activities to enhance its corporate security management capability.

As of today no instances of misuse of customer information by a third party has been found since the recent case. In addition to making an all-out effort to implement security management measures, SOFTBANK BB has decided to offer the aforesaid service free of charge to ensure that Yahoo! BB members can safely utilize broadband services for which highly reliable security measures have been taken.

The service will be provided free of charge to all Yahoo! BB members for about six months through the end of September. Those who wish to continue using BB Security powered by Symantec (TM) thereafter at the end of September may do so for a fee starting from October 1. BB Security powered by Symantec (TM) is provided in cooperation with Symantec Corporation, a leader in Internet security solutions, to comprehensively protect against attacks by viruses and hackers and leakage of personal information, among other things.

Outline of BB Security powered by Symantec (TM) Service

BB Security powered by Symantec (TM) is an ISP supplementary service of Yahoo! BB that utilizes Symantec-fs Norton Internet Security (TM) 2004, which boasts a fine track record in Japan(*). The use of this service enables users to enjoy broadband services in the latest security environment at all times.

  • *Named the best software in the security category in 2001 and 2002 according to the BCN ranking.

Norton Internet Security (TM) 2004 covers all three types of security software function: (1) Norton AntiSpam, (2) Norton AntiVirus and (3) Norton Personal Firewall. The key functions of this software include the filtering out of spam and commercial e-mail, antivirus features, the detection of illegal access, protection from hacker attacks, the prevention of personal information leakage, and the protection of children from inappropriate websites.

How to use the software:
Access the member-fs site (, download the program, and install and set up the program in your PC.
Support staff at the Yahoo! BB Customer Support Center will answer your questions on the phone. BB Security powered by Symantec (TM) support hours: 9:00-23:00 (throughout the year)
For details visit
Monthly fee (including tax) of 514 yen (per license). Added to and charge together with the Yahoo! BB Broadband Service fee.

Reference information

Key specifications of Norton Internet Security (TM) 2004

1. Spam alert function (Norton AntiSpam)

  • Automatically filters out spam (detects spam and alerts user by adding the "Norton AntiSpam" tag in the subject field)
  • Integrated with mail client (Norton AntiSpam menu is integrated in the tool bar of Microsoft(R) Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook(R), and Eudora(R))
  • Allowed List and Blocked List
  • Trainable filtering function (reduces mistakes by automatically learning outgoing e-mail messages)
  • Blocks annoying banner ads, popup windows, etc.

2. Antivirus function (Norton AntiVirus)

  • E-mail scan, script block, worm block, and instant message scan
  • Detects expanded threats (non-virus threats, such as spyware and adware)
  • Scans compressed files

3. Personal firewall function (Norton Personal Firewall)

  • Program control, protection against illegal intrusion, intrusion detection, firewall level setting, privacy control
  • Network detection function (enables security to be set according to the connected environment)
  • Web assistant (various options can be set from the tool bar of Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer)
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Company profile


Trade name SOFTBANK BB Corp.
Head office 24-1 Nihonbashi Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative President and CEO: Masayoshi Son
Date of Establishment May 16, 2000
Date of merger January 7, 2003
Type of Business The Company engages in the provision of broadband infrastructure and services centering on Yahoo! BB as well as in technical development, marketing, sales and support. The Company offers IT-related distribution and services, supervises, and administers affiliated broadband and e-commerce companies.
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