Press Releases (SoftBank BB Corp.) 2005

Establishment of Joint Venture with Avanquest Software

September 13, 2005

SOFTBANK BB and Avanquest Software (headquarters: Paris, France; representative: Bruno Vanryb; hereinafter, Avanquest) have agreed in principle to establish a new foreign and domestic software distribution company. The name of the new company is Avanquest BB K.K. (hereinafter, Avanquest BB), and it is scheduled to begin operations in the fourth quarter of 2006. The details are discussed below.

1. Aims of the Joint Venture

The new venture Avanquest BB will be jointly established with a goal of facilitating the introduction of Avanquest’s high-quality, cutting-edge global software to the domestic market, and the introduction of leading Japanese software to markets overseas by SOFTBANK BB. Avanquest BB will obtain exclusive Japanese distribution rights for cutting-edge global software developed by Avanquest and developed and promoted at Avanquest’s bases around the world, in locations such as France, America, Britain,Germany, Spain, and other and provide it to the domestic market through domestic software publishers, downloading, ASP, and other channels. Moreover, by applying the domestic PC software distribution information and know-how accumulated by SOFTBANK BB, Avanquest BB will provide support for widespread sales of many types of high-quality domestic software to markets overseas. Through these distribution operations, Avanquest BB will distribute high-quality software to domestic and foreign markets, and will contribute to the revitalization of the software marketplace by providing new business opportunities for software development firms and individual developers.

2. Description of Primary Operations

-Introduction of software developed overseas into the Japanese market

Avanquest BB will obtain Japanese domestic distribution rights for software developed by Avanquest and developed and promoted at their bases around the world in locations such as France, America, Britain, Germany, Spain, and others. For products with distribution rights obtained, following the localization of the products and manuals, Avanquest BB will provide licenses and package sales through domestic publishers. The inclusion of user support for these products within the scope of business is being considered.

-Procurement of download and ASP distribution rights for overseas software

Avanquest BB will work to obtain the Japanese domestic distribution rights for download and ASP-based distribution of Avanquest’s overseas software. In particular, ASP distribution of high-quality, cutting-edge software from overseas is being explored as content for the BB Soft service already developed for Yahoo! BB.

-Support for distribution of domestic software in overseas markets

Avanquest BB will provide support for the widespread distribution of high-quality software developed in Japan in overseas markets via Avanquest’s bases around the world. Avanquest, acting as the publisher in its global bases, will carry out localization, package sales, promotion, and user support in each country, and Avanquest BB will serve as the intermediary point of sale in Japan.

3. Joint Venture Profile

Trade Name Avanquest BB K.K.
Initial Capitalization ¥100 million
Begins Operation Q4 of fiscal year ending March 2006 (planned)
Investment Ratios SOFTBANK BB Corp. 49%, Avanquest Software 51%

Company Profile


Trade Name : SOFTBANK BB Corp.
Head office: Tokyo Shiodome Bldg., 1-9-1, Higashi-shimabashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: President and CEO Masayoshi Son
Date of Establishement: May 16, 2000
Type of Business: Engages in the provision of broadband infrastructure and services centering on Yahoo! BB as well as in technical development, marketing, sales and support. Offers IT-related distribution and services and supervises and administers affiliated broadband and e-commerce companies.

Avanquest Software

Avanquest Software (

Trade Name: Avanquest Software
Head office: 1 bis rue Collange 92300 Levallois-Perret Cedex - France
Representative: President and CEO Bruno Vanryb
Date of Establishment : April 24, 1984
Type of Business : Engages in development of utility, communication, and mobility-related software, and provides a comprehensive publishing service for third-party software developers. Has offices in France, America, Germany, Britain, Spain, and other countries, and markets its products in more than 100 countries through e-commerce, OEM, and IT resellers.
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