Press Releases (SoftBank BB Corp.) 2007

SOFTBANK BB Launches “BB Communicator”
a New Integrated Communication Service - Provision of new service “my BB Communicator” to consumers from September 1 -

August 31, 2007

SOFTBANK BB Corp. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Masayoshi Son, hereinafter “SBB”) announced the launce of a new integrated communication service “BB Communicator”. This service allows users to use application tools such as IP phone, mail and phone book regardless of their internet service provider (ISP) as long as they are connected through a broadband environment.

A number starting with 050 will be provided to each “BB Communicator” user. Apart from enabling users to make economically priced phone calls to fixed lines and mobile phones, calls among “BB Communicator” users and calls to BB Phone and BB Phone hikari users, amounting to 481 ten thousand users* making it one of the world’s largest IP phone services, can be enjoyed free of charge. In addition, services such as mail, schedule management and phone book are available via the ASP (Application Service Provider) method. Regardless of ISP users can use “BB Communicator” in locations such as home, office, business trip destination and internet cafe. Moreover, the use of the aforementioned application tools is scheduled to be enabled for use from mobile phones also.

Initially, SBB will provide the “my BB Communicator” service to consumers from September 1, 2007 at a monthly basic charge of ¥315 (incl. tax) and Universal Service Charge of ¥7.35 (incl. tax)**.

In the future, a service providing groupware functionalities replacing the Microsoft Exchange server will be offered to SME’s through the ASP method. Users can use their familiar Microsoft Outlook mail and schedule etc. without having to operate an Exchange server hereby reducing operational costs significantly.

  • *As of the end of March 2006.
  • **In case a router or USB phone is used separate purchase or rental is required, usage from PC requires downloading of the phone application.

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