Press Releases (SoftBank BB Corp.) 2008

One Seg Tuner Developed for iPhone 3G

TOKYO, October 30, 2008 --- SOFTBANK BB Corp. and SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. today announced the launch of its ‘TV&Battery’ device, a recharger and One Seg mobile TV tuner which will be available for iPhone 3G. The new development will bring One Seg broadcasting*1 to iPhone 3G in mid-December and will be available from SoftBank retailers throughout Japan.

‘TV&Battery’ overview

1.Main features

The TV&Battery accessory has a built-in One Seg tuner that connects to the iPhone 3G via Wi-Fi. Once connected, customers can select and view programming*1 with a free application available from the Apple App Store. The TV&Battery unit can be recharged by connecting to an AC power supply or USB port of a Mac or PC using the USB-miniB USB cable*2 that comes with the pack.

2.Main specifications (planned)

Size (W x H x D) Approx. 50 × 85 × 16mm
Battery life for continuous viewing of One Seg Approx. 3 hrs.*3
Recharging time (AC adapter / USB port) Approx. 2 hrs. / approx. 4 hrs.
  • *1 To view One Seg broadcasting on your iPhone 3G, it is necessary to download a free application for viewing One Seg from App Store and install it on your iPhone 3G.
  • *2 Do not connect the USB-miniB USB cable to a USB port other than that on Apple's ultracompact USB power adapter or a USB port on a PC.
  • *3 When viewing One Seg using Wi-Fi. This is an estimated figure from fully charged to level 1 (i.e., approx. 10% remaining) calculated on the assumption that a fully charged new battery pack is connected to the iPhone 3G with the brightness set to “2” and using the optional earphone-microphone. This figure may not be achieved depending on conditions of use.

Viewing One Seg broadcasting image

Viewing One Seg broadcasting image

Recharging iPhone 3G image

Recharging iPhone 3G image

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