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Video Content Service for SOFTBANK MOBILE
Launch of "Yahoo! Streaming (Beta version)"
-Enjoy various genres of video content free of information charge!-

May 22, 2007
TV Bank Corporation
Yahoo Japan Corporation

SOFTBANK Group 3 companies, SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Masayoshi Son, hereinafter "SBM"), TV Bank Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Masayoshi Son, hereinafter "TV Bank"), and Yahoo Japan Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Masahiro Inoue, hereinafter "Yahoo! JAPAN") announced that they have launched "Yahoo! Streaming (Beta version)", video content service for mobile phone free of information charge* at "Yahoo! Keitai", a portal site for SBM handsets, from May 22, 2007.

"Yahoo! Streaming (Beta version)" is a service for SBM handsets of "Yahoo! Streaming", one of the biggest video content portals in Japan which is operated by Yahoo! JAPAN. Various genres of video content such as news, sports, idol videos, etc. can be enjoyed on SBM 3G handsets** free of information charge, and registration for subscription is not necessary. Video content will be added and updated and more than 1,000 contents per month will be provided. Video content which requires speediness such as latest news, sport game digest, etc. can be enjoyed anytime anywhere in a timely manner.
SBM, TV Bank, and Yahoo! JAPAN will put their every effort to improve their service of "Yahoo! Streaming (Beta version)" by enriching video content with receiving feedback from users.

Access to "Yahoo! Streaming (Beta version)"
"Yahoo! Keitai" > "Osusume" > "Yahoo! Doga" (Japanese only)
  • * Communication fee will be charged while downloading content.
  • ** Excluding V801SH, V801SA, 702MO, 702sMO, 705NK, 802SE, 702NK, 702NK II, 804NK, 802N, and X series.

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