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SOFTBANK and Disney collaborate to launch a new mobile phone service "Disney Mobile" in Japan

November 12, 2007
The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.

SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. (Chairman & CEO: Masayoshi Son, Headquarter in Minato Ward, Tokyo, "SOFTBANK" hereafter ) and The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd (President: Paul Candland, Headquarter in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, hereafter "Disney") will collaborate to launch a mobile phone service in Japan that capitalizes on Disney’s strong position in the mobile content market. An application to provide mobile phone services was submitted to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications on 12 November and the service will launch in Spring 2008 under the brand name "Disney Mobile".

The approach to this new service is unique because Disney and SOFTBANK will cooperate across multiple layers of the service to leverage each others's strengths and deliver a differentiated mobile experience. The parties will each contribute their respective expertise in developing handsets, services, mobile content, marketing, and service delivery activities. Combining SOFTBANK’s leading edge technology, innovative approach towards consumer services, and distribution through SOFTBANK's retail stores throughout Japan*1 with Disney’s brand, entertainment assets and creativity, consumers will be able to enjoy a new mobile phone service.

"Disney brings its strong brand and legacy of developing great entertainment with broad appeal to our mutual venture. This new mobile service builds on Disney’s seven years of experience as one of the leading providers of official mobile internet content services (Koushiki-sites) in Japan. We’re confident that this collaboration with Disney will enable SOFTBANK to further expand its range of customers." said Mr. Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.,

Paul Candland, President of Walt Disney Japan added the following: "As a result of our success in mobile content in Japan, we believe there is a strong market for a more immersive Disney mobile experience that includes a phone and suite of services and content. We’re delighted to be working so closely with Masayoshi Son’s innovative team at SOFTBANK MOBILE to deliver this new mobile phone service to Japanese consumers. This relationship will enable us to deliver an innovative and integrated mobile service to the broad range of Disney customers in Japan by combining all the great elements of SOFTBANK’s services with the fun and entertainment that only Disney can deliver."

  • *1 2,464 SOFTBANK Shops as of November.1st 2007

  • Details of the service will be announced at a later date.

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About SOFTBANK MOBILE (As of October 2007)

Chairman & CEO Masayoshi Son
Start of services April 1, 1994
Head quarters 1-9-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7317
Capital 177,251.2165 million yen
Business segment Mobile communications business and associated operations, etc.
Customers 17,211,100

About Walt Disney Japan

The Walt Disney Company first entered the Japanese market in 1959. In April 2000, the Walt Disney Company integrated its Japan affiliates into a regional corporation, which it renamed the Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. (WDCJ) in August 2002. WDCJ oversees Disney’s business interests in Japan with the exception of the Tokyo Disney Resort and Disney Store.
WDCJ has a diversified category portfolio spanning film, television, DVD and Blu-ray disc products, music, parks and resorts, consumer products, publishing, and gaming and the internet and works to derive maximum synergies among them.
In 2006, WDCJ’s film distribution division set a new record of ¥25.5 billion in box office revenue, and the DVD and Blu-ray disc unit ranked No. 1 in DVD sales for the third consecutive year since 2004. Its consumer products and publication divisions continue to provide enchanting Disney-licensed products in partnership with over 500 licensees. Disney’s Mobile content services, created and operated by WDCJ’s internet business division, currently have 3.5 million registered users and has established Disney as one of Japan’s leading mobile content providers. The TV division launched Disney Channel in 2003 and a second Disney channel, Toon Disney, in 2005. Today Disney Channel is watched by some 3.5 million households all over Japan.
Through marketing activities strongly focused on Japan’s market and consumers, WDCJ seeks to develop and provide quality entertainment and products finely tuned to local preferences.

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