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Use ‘iPhone 3G’ From Minimum 2,990 yen a month!
- Concerning Revision of Packet Flat-rate Full, Offering Two Ceilings Plan -

TOKYO, Aug 5, 2008 --- SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Masayoshi Son; hereinafter ‘SBM’) announces that in order to make Apple's iPhone™ 3G, which has been very well received since its launch on July 11th, available to an even larger public it will revise the ‘Packet Flat-rate Full’. The revision will add two ceilings to the ‘Packet Flat-rate Full’ fixed charge (1,695 yen - 5,985 yen), which will vary according to usage. The revised plan will be applied from the usage of August 2008 on. After this revision one can enjoy iPhone 3G, from minimum 2,990 yen a month.

Content of Revision

Before revision Packet Flat-rate Full fixed charge 5,985 yen / month
After revision Packet Flat-rate Full fixed charge 1,695 yen - 5,985 yen / month
* Packet communication charges 0.084 yen / packet

Image of iPhone 3G Subscribers' Minimum Monthly Payment

  Before revision After revision
White Plan (i) basic monthly charge 980 yen 980 yen
Packet Flat-rate Full fixed charge 5,985 yen 1,695 yen
S! Basic Pack (i) 315 yen 315 yen
Total 7,280 yen 2,990 yen

This revision for 2,990 yen - 7,280 yen a month, iPhone 3G users can enjoy unlimited domestic voice calls between 1:00 and 21:00 to SoftBank handsets, 24 hours free sending/receiving of mail to all operators, unlimited use of packet communication such as web browsing and video services and map services as much as they like on iPhone 3G.

Moreover, in answer to customer feedback such as ‘I want an iPhone 3G but cannot find it in stores’ and ‘I would like it to be more available’ SBM will start accepting iPhone 3G reservations from August 6, 2008 10:00 AM (in the stores that offer it) in order to ensure that customers can purchase it.

  • *1Packet Flat-rate Full can be applied to all 3G handset models including the X Series.
  • *2For customers who have already subscribed to Packet Flat-rate Full the revised pricing will be automatically applied from the usage of August 2008.
  • *The date on which the revision will be applied depends on each customer's billing closing date. The August usage month is as follows. Closing date 10th: from July 11th, closing date 20th: from July 21st, closing e/o month: from 1st

Reference: Packet usage with ‘Packet Flat-rate Full’

Packet usage with ‘Packet Flat-rate Full’
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