Press Releases 2008

SoftBank Provides Free Public Wireless LAN to
iPhone 3G Subscribers

TOKYO, October 30, 2008 --- SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. today announced that from November 4, 2008 it will offer the wireless LAN service ‘BB Mobile Point’ to iPhone 3G subscribers free of charge. This service will enable the use of a Wi-Fi internet at approximately 3,500 venues across Japan including McDonalds, JR stations, airports and cafes.

The service does not require a subscription, customers can simply log on after setting up an account within the BB Mobile Point areas. From December 1, an automatic connection to BB Mobile Point without entry of the ID account and password will be enabled after the second connection to the service.

Through the Wi-Fi connection iPhone 3G subscribers will be able to surf the internet and download data free of charge across the country, without concern for additional data charges.

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