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SoftBank Unveils New Mobile Handset Lineup for Winter 2008 - 16 models including 4 with touch screens -

TOKYO, October 30, 2008 --- SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. announced the launch of 16 new models for the winter 2008 sales season.

The new lineup for the winter 2008 introduces distinctive 16 new models (including DM003SH of ‘Disney Mobile,’ in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.) under a theme of ‘Touch!’. The lineup also includes 4 models adopting touch screen style such as AQUOS Mobile handset with a world’s largest*1 3.8-inch and world’s first*2 half XGA LCD full touch screen, One Seg compatible handset with full touch screen and Windows® Mobile handset of diamond-cut design.

This rich lineup will be able to satisfy a wide range of various customer needs through offering a handset with a CCD 8.0 megapixel camera, the first SoftBank handset from CASIO, a coordinate handset to enjoy original coordinates, a simple design handset with 10 one-touch functions, and a stylish and thinnest*3 at 10 mm handset with a full keyboard in addition to a USB style model supported overseas*4 as well and supporting high-speed data communication at maximum 7.2Mbps*5 for downlink.

For more information on the new lineup, please see below.

Models and main features

Model Main features Availability
AQUOS Mobile
(by Sharp)
AQUOS Mobile handset with a world’s largest class 3.8-inch half XGA LCD full touch screen. Adopted an intuitive UI touch screen and supporting ‘Mobile Widgets’ showing variety of real-time online information. Late Nov.
(by Samsung Electronics)
One Seg compatible handset with a 3.3-inch wide VGA LCD full touch screen. Rich functions offering embedded memory of as big as 8GB, a 5.1 megapixel auto focus camera and supporting data communication speed of maximum 7.2Mbps for downlink. Late Nov.
Touch Diamond
(by HTC)
Compact Windows® Mobile handset adorning diamond-cut design and adopting new-feeling touch UI. Full entertainment functions supporting such as YouTube and music. Early Nov.
Touch Pro
(by HTC)
Diamond-cut Windows® Mobile handset equipped with a touch screen and a full keyboard, enabling browse and edit of Excel, Word or PowerPoint® files to stage smarter business scenes. Early Dec.
(by Sharp)
Slim body at 15.2mm in thickness with a CCD 8.0 megapixel camera offering high sensitivity and low noise for shooting bright and clear photos even in the dark. Late Nov.
(by Casio Computer)
The first SoftBank handset from CASIO pursuing a beautiful style. High-pixel digital camera*6 equipped handset with world’s first ‘Bidori’ engine*7 allows beautiful portraits. Late Nov.
fanfun.2 830T
(by Toshiba)
Coordinate handset offering one’s own original coordinate options by combining designed inner sheets and illumination patterns. Late Nov.
fanfun.petit 831T
(by Toshiba)
Stylish handset for teens. Combination of inner sheets and illumination patterns enables freely changeable looks. Also fully equipped with security function to ensure children’s safety. Mid-Dec.
(by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
Simple design handset with convenient 10 one-touch functions, including a magnifying glass function. Comfortable operability with easy-to-read-and-push keys. Nov. 1
(by Sharp)
With elegant 15 metallic and pearlescent color variations, a new PANTONE® mobile phone is equipped with LCD of high brightness rendering easiness to read even in sunlight, supporting ‘3G HighSpeed.’ Oct. 4
(on sale)
830SH s
(by Sharp)
Equipped with LCD of high brightness rendering easiness to read even in sunlight. Third model in GENT series for stylish mature users with big letters and menu for clearer view. Oct. 25
(on sale)
Nokia N82
(by Nokia)
Smart digital camera handset with a 5.0 megapixel camera using Carl Zeiss lenses and xenon flash advantageous in the dark. Various functions are available including 3G HighSpeed, wireless LAN and GPS. Late Nov.
Nokia E71
(by Nokia)
Thinnest at 10mm stylish model with a full keyboard. ‘Life Mode’ function offers comfortable use for both business and private scenes. Mid-Dec.
(by Samsung Electronics)
Prepaid compact handset of simple design with a 1.3 megapixel camera and basic functions. Display in 5 different languages is available, reaching a wide range of needs. Mid-Nov.
(by Sierra Wireless)
USB style model supported overseas as well and supporting high-speed data communication at maximum 7.2Mbps for downlink. Equipped with a card slot supporting microSDHC™ card up to 8GB. Early Dec.
  • *1 As of October 15, 2008 (according to ROA).
  • *2 As of October 15, 2008 (according to ROA). Half XGA LCD has 1,024 x 480 pixels, which are about half of those of XGA LCD (1,024 x 768 pixels).
  • *3 As of October 29, 2008 among handsets with QWERTY keyboard sold in Japan (according to Nokia).
  • *4 As of October 20, 2008, data roaming is available in 126 countries and regions.
  • *5 The maximum data communication speed may differ depending on areas. It uses a best-effort method and the data communication speed may become slower or communication may not be available depending on line congestion or communication environment. The areas supporting the data communication speed of maximum 7.2Mbps for downlink are part of Kanto, Tokai and Kansai areas. In other areas, it will be automatically connected to 3G HighSpeed (maximum 3.6Mbps for downlink) network or SoftBank 3G service network.
  • *6 Over 5.0 megapixels.
  • *7 World’s first handset with face detection and adjustment system (as of October 24, 2008, according to ROA).

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  • * PANTONE Colors displayed here may not match PANTONE-identified standards. Consult current PANTONE Color Publications for accurate color.
  • * PANTONE, the PANTONE Chip Design are trademarks of Pantone, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. ©Pantone, Inc., 2008. All rights reserved.
  • * As of October 20, 2008, voice roaming is available on GSM networks in 182 countries and regions, with data roaming in 124 of them. In addition, 3G (W-CDMA) voice and data roaming is available on networks in 58 countries and regions abroad, video call roaming available in 46 of them.
  • * AQUOS Mobile is a registered trademark or trademark of Sharp Corporation.
  • * Touch Diamond and Touch Pro are trademarks of HTC Corporation.
  • * microSD is a trademark of the SD Association.
  • * Windows, Excel and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • * Microsoft Windows operating system is indicated in its abbreviated form as Windows.
  • * FULLTOUCH, Mobile Widget, 3G HighSpeed and GENT are registered trademarks or trademarks of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.
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