Press Releases 2008

SoftBank Reduces Manual Sizes to
Lessen Environmental Impact

TOKYO, November 18, 2008 --- SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. is currently working on reducing paper usage as part of its environmental efforts. Manuals for ‘AQUOS Mobile FULLTOUCH SoftBank 931SH’ and ‘SoftBank 930SH’, latest models for the winter 2008 sales season, have been slimmed-down to one-third the size of manuals for preceding models to promote further reduction of paper use. Further descriptions which are not included in the manual will be available on the SoftBank website.

1.New initiative

Effort Summary Launch Result
Manual size reduction Mainly describes frequently-used basic operations and newly added functions*1 Nov. 2008 Approx. 67% reduction

This initiative is scheduled to be applied to virtually all models to be launched in spring 2009 and thereafter.

2.Existing initiative

Effort Summary Launch
E-Billing Introduced ‘Online Bill Information’ instead of traditional paper-based bills*2 Oct. 2006
E-Application Introduced electronic application system using stylus-operated PC instead of traditional paper-based application form*3 Oct. 2006
Scaled down package Scaled down package by half*4 Jul. 2007
  • *1 Detailed manual will be available on the SoftBank website (free download) or through the customer center or online shop upon request. For those who request one through the customer center or online shop, a bound manual (Japanese only) will be available at the customer expense.
  • *2 This service started from the October 2006 billing month, and is available as a basic service for all individual customers from April 2007.
  • *3 This service is available only at certain shops.
  • *4 Scaled down dramatically from the former size (155mm x 102mm x 220mm) to the new size (138mm x 70mm x 192mm).

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  • * AQUOS Mobile is a registered trademark or trademark of Sharp Corporation.
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