Press Releases 2008

‘S! Information Channel’ Subscribers Top 1 Million

TOKYO, December 9, 2008 --- SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. announced that ‘S! Information Channel’ subscriptions exceeded 1 million as of December 7, 2008. A content distribution service, S! Information Channel automatically distributes useful and timely lifestyle information to SoftBank 3G handsets at a set time.

S! Information Channel subscribers enjoy, at no additional monthly charge*, information services such as ‘Yahoo! Headline News’(provided by Yahoo Japan Corporation) delivering the latest human interest, economics, sports news, etc. to a subscriber’s 3G handset nightly, and ‘3G Weather Indicator’(provided by Weathernews Inc.) delivering updated weather forecasts that appear on a subscriber’s 3G handset in standby. Subscriptions have already hit the 1 million user mark, approximately 11 months after the service launched on January 28, 2008.

  • * S! Information Channel requires a subscription to ‘S! Basic Pack’ (monthly charge of 315 yen, including tax), separate communication charges apply.

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  • * S! Basic Pack is a trademark of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.
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