Press Releases 2009

SoftBank Reaches Milestone of 20 Million Subscribers

TOKYO, January 9, 2009 --- SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. (hereafter ‘SBM’) announced that its subscribers exceeded 20 million subscribers as of January 1, 2009.

SBM’s subscriber growth is attributable to the ‘4 commitments’ which has been the basic strategy since its mobile business launch. The 4 commitments include ‘3G network enhancement’, ‘3G handset enrichment’, ‘enrichment of mobile content’, and ‘enhancement of sales structure’, and SBM has been able to improve the customer satisfaction toward its services through speedy and continuous efforts on the 4 commitments.

In addition, subscription applications for ‘White Plan’, a price plan introduced in January 2007 exceeded 15 million as of November 6, 2008. This simple and easy-to-understand price plan has been also attributable to the increase of net additions.

SBM will further strive to develop innovative services to improve those, and offer an environment of greater comfort and convenience for SoftBank handset usage.

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