Press Releases 2009

SoftBank Launches ‘In-flight Mobile Phone Service’ - The first Japanese mobile operator to offer the service
lets customers use their handsets in a flying airplane -

TOKYO, February 25, 2009 --- SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. (hereafter ‘SBM’) announced that it will launch ‘In-flight Mobile Phone Service’ from March 18, 2009 which enables customers to use their SoftBank handsets in a flying airplane abroad, as the first mobile operator in Japan to provide this service.

This service enables SoftBank customers to make and receive voice calls, SMS and others under the same mobile phone number which the customer is using in Japan even in an airplane of overseas airlines. This becomes available through the roaming agreement with AeroMobile AS, a mobile operator in UK providing in-flight mobile phone service.

To start with, SBM will launch the service in some airplanes of Emirates Airline and Malaysia Airlines who support AeroMobile AS service. Service will be also available in other airlines when the preparation is completed. SBM will further strive to improve In-flight Mobile Phone Service including the conclusion of agreement with other mobile operators who provide similar type of service.

‘In-flight Mobile Phone Service’ overview

1.Service launch

From March 18, 2009

2.Compatible handsets

‘Global Roaming Service’ compatible handsets
(excluding handsets exclusive for 3G network)

3.Available services (for AeroMobile AS)

Voice call SMS S! Mail (MMS) Web Access Internet










  • *Available service is subject to the airlines.

4.Service charges

Please visit the SoftBank website for the service charges

  • *Service details will be available on the website late in April 2009.


No application required (Application for Global Roaming Service is necessary)

  • *Please visit the SoftBank website after the launch of the service for available airlines.
  • *This service is only available in the high seas or a country and its airspace which allows the use of mobile phone in the airplanes. Please note that the service is not available when an airplane is on the ground, landing or taking off.
  • *This service is also available with iPhone 3G and Disney Mobile handsets.

- ends -

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