Press Releases 2010

Launch “On-board Ship Mobile” for Using Mobile
Phone on Board Vessels Circumnavigating Overseas

Tokyo, June 15, 2010 --- SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. (hereafter “SBM”) announces that it will launch “On-board Ship Mobile” that supports the mobile phone service of SBM on board vessels circumnavigating overseas on June 16, 2010.

“On-board Ship Mobile” is a service that enables people to use their SoftBank Handsets on board vessels circumnavigating overseas with the same mobile phone number for voice calls and SMS. Execution of an agreement on roaming with Maritime Communications Partner (Norway) and Seanet Maritime Communications AB (Sweden) realizes provision of mobile phone service on board. The number of ships supported by the two companies is currently about 150 including luxury liners such as Sapphire Princess and Bleu de France and those ships are mainly cruising around European waters.

SBM will offer “On-board Ship Mobile” for more ships and cruising routes along with service expansion of the both companies.

Outline of “On-board Ship Mobile”

1. Service launch date

June 16, 2010

2. Compatible handsets

“Global Roaming Service” compatible handsets
(Excluding handsets exclusive for 3G network)

3. Available services

Voice calls, SMS

  • *Planned to offer packet communication service in the future.

4. Service charge

Voice call (per minute) SMS (per message)
Originating Terminating Sending Receiving
650 yen 890 yen 180 yen Free
  • *Tax-exempt

5. Application

Not required (Application for Global Roaming Service is necessary.)

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