Press Releases 2015

Establishment of Newly Merged Company and Management Team

April 1, 2015
SoftBank Mobile Corp.

SoftBank Mobile Corp. (“SoftBank Mobile”) today announced that on April 1, 2015 it consummated the merger with SoftBank BB Corp., SoftBank Telecom Corp. and Ymobile Corporation.

With this merger, SoftBank Mobile aims to maximize its corporate value by further concentrating the business resources held by each company and by enhancing the overall competitiveness of its domestic telecommunications businesses. The newly merged SoftBank Mobile will, under SoftBank's corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone,” seek to create innovative services and improve operational efficiencies through structural reforms. It will also work to expand its business jointly with other SoftBank Group companies, in areas such as IoT (Internet of Things), robotics, and energy. Brand names of existing services will be maintained and mobile communications services will continue to be provided under the two “SoftBank” and “Y!mobile” brands.

An outline of the newly established company and its management team is as follows.

1. Outline of New Company

(1) Trade name SoftBank Mobile Corp.
(2) Address 1-9-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(3) Names and titles of representatives Masayoshi Son, Chairman
Ken Miyauchi, President & CEO
(4) Nature of business Provision of mobile communications services, sale of mobile devices, provision of fixed-line telecommunications and ISP services
(5) Share capital JPY 177,251 million
(6) Fiscal year end March 31
(7) Shareholder and share of voting rights SoftBank Corp. 99.99% (of which 75.81% is held indirectly)
(8) Employees approx. 17,700

2. New Company Management (Directors, Presidents, Heads, etc.) (as of April 1, 2015)

Board of Directors

Title Name Responsibility
Chairman Masayoshi Son -
President & CEO Ken Miyauchi -
Executive Vice President Yasuyuki Imai Product & Marketing Unit Head and Marketing Planning Division Head, Technology Unit Head
Executive Vice President Jun Shimba Enterprise Business Unit Head and MNC Business Division Head
Executive Vice President Shuichi Kukita Consumer Sales Unit Head
Executive Vice President Junichi Miyakawa Technology Unit, Global Telecom Business
Executive Vice President & CFO Kazuhiko Fujihara Finance Unit Head
Executive Vice President Eric Gan Business Development Unit Head and Ymobile Business
Executive Vice President Yoshimitsu Goto -

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Title Name Responsibility
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Junichi Kasahara -
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Takayoshi Saito -
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Akira Matsuyama -
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Tatsuhiro Murata -
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Kazuko Kimiwada -
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Toshiki Sada -

Senior Vice Presidents (delegated)

Title Name Responsibility
Senior Vice President Tomio Miyake Enterprise Business Unit Deputy Head and 1st Enterprise Sales Division Head
Senior Vice President Sadahiro Sato Enterprise Business Unit Deputy Head and ICT Innovation Division Head and Cloud Service Division Head
Technology Unit Deputy Head (Service Platform) and Service Platform Development Division Head and Transition Promotion Division Head
Senior Vice President Yoshiaki Sakuma Consumer Sales Unit, Sales Operation Division Head
Senior Vice President Hideyuki Tsukuda Technology Unit Deputy Head (Mobile Network)
Senior Vice President Keiichi Makizono Technology Unit Deputy Head (Core & Transport)
Senior Vice President, CS*1 Takashi Tsutsui Technology Unit, Technology Strategy Office
Senior Vice President, CISO*2 Amane Kito Information Systems Unit Head and Information Systems Division Head and IT Service Development Division Head
Senior Vice President Junji Tokunaga Finance Unit Deputy Head (Domestic Telecom Business) and Regulatory Division Head
Senior Vice President Fumihiro Aono Human Resources & General Affairs Unit Head

Vice Presidents

Title Name Responsibility
Vice President Shigehiro Shimizu Enterprise Business Unit, Enterprise Sales Promotion Division Head
Vice President Yukinori Ishioka Enterprise Business Unit, Network Project Division Head
Vice President Yukio Kawa Enterprise Business Unit
Vice President Kosaku Nonoue Consumer Sales Unit, Customer Service Division Head
Vice President Hiroyuki Terao Product & Marketing Unit, YM Business Promotion Division Head
Vice President Tatsuro Kurisaka Product & Marketing Unit, Advertisement Division Head
Vice President Hajime Baba Product & Marketing Unit, Service Contents Division Head
Vice President Makoto Iwasaki Technology Unit, Platform Operations Division Head
Vice President Hidetoshi Ikeda Technology Unit, Operations & Maintenance Division Head
Vice President Motonari Abe Business Development Unit, Business Development Division Head
Vice President Yoshiro Hirao Information Systems Unit Deputy Head
Vice President Takashi Naito Finance Unit, Finance and Accounting Division Head
Vice President, CCO*3 Eiji Shimagami Human Resources & General Affairs Unit, General Affairs Division Head

Division Heads, others

Name Responsibility
Kunihiro Fujinaga Enterprise Business Unit, 2nd Enterprise Sales Division Head
Yoshihiro Kosuge Enterprise Business Unit, 3rd Enterprise Sales Division Head
Hayato Sakurai Enterprise Business Unit, 4th Enterprise Sales Division Head
Shintaro Kasai Enterprise Business Unit, 1st Regional Corporate Sales Division Head
Toshio Nagata Enterprise Business Unit, 2nd Regional Corporate Sales Division Head
Atsuo Nomura Enterprise Business Unit, Metropolitan Area Sales Division Head
Akihiro Oshima Enterprise Business Unit, Global Business Division Head
Hiroshi Akabori Enterprise Business Unit, New Business Division Head
Yutaka Matsuoka Enterprise Business Unit, Business Partner Sales Division Head
Takashi Eguchi Enterprise Business Unit, Enterprise Communication Service & Support Sales Division Head
Akihiro Kannari Enterprise Business Unit, Enterprise Customer Service Division Head
Makoto Imaizumi Enterprise Business Unit, Global Marketing Division Head
Hiroyuki Iguchi Enterprise Business Unit, Enterprise Partner Sales Division Head
Yasuhiro Kitanaru Consumer Sales Unit, MOBILE 1st Sales Division Head
Kimihiro Tanitsu Consumer Sales Unit, MOBILE 2nd Sales Division Head
Junshi Yamasaki Consumer Sales Unit, Partner Sales Division Head
Kinya Honda Consumer Sales Unit, Area Sales Division Head
Yasushi Ota Consumer Sales Unit, YM Sales Division 1 Head
Kenichi Takashima Consumer Sales Unit, YM Sales Division 2 Head
and Enterprise Business Unit, YM Enterprise Sales Division Head
Isamu Suyama Consumer Sales Unit, YM Sales Support Division Head
Keigo Sugano Product & Marketing Unit, MOBILE Business Promotion Division Head and MD Division Head
Kazuhiro Sasaki Product & Marketing Unit, BB Business Promotion Division Head
Hironobu Tamba Product & Marketing Unit, Product & Service Division Head
Hiroshi Matsuda Product & Marketing Unit, SoftBank SELECTION Division Head
Tomohiro Sekiwa Technology Unit, Mobile Network Planning Division Head
Masatoshi Hongo Technology Unit, East Japan Mobile Area Division Head
Eiji Otaki Technology Unit, West Japan Mobile Area Division Head
Teruya Fujii Technology Unit, Research and Development Division Head
Yoshihito Shimazaki Technology Unit, Solution Advancing Office
Takenori Kobayashi Technology Unit, Network Division Head
Hidetoshi Tosaka Technology Unit, Access Solution Division Head
Yoshikazu Takegawa Technology Unit, Communication Network Division Head
Tadashi Iida Technology Unit, Technology Administration Division Head
Keiichiro Shimizu Information Systems Unit, Security Division Head
Yuriko Ishihara Finance Unit, Strategic Planning and Analysis Office
Atsushi Taira Finance Unit, Global Business Synergies Division Head
Ippei Mimura Finance Unit, Group Management Office
Taku Oketani Finance Unit, Corporate Planning Division Head
Masaaki Okazaki Finance Unit, Corporate Management Division Head
Masayuki Okubo Finance Unit, Procurement Division Head
Kenichi Nagasaki Human Resources & General Affairs Unit, Human Resources Division Head

Leaving Senior Vice Presidents (delegated) (as of March 31, 2015)

Title Name
Senior Vice President Seiji Goto*4
Senior Vice President Hiroaki Kitano
Senior Vice President Atsushi Taira

Other (as of November 20, 2014)

Name Responsibility
Atsushi Taira

Brightstar Corp. Chief Planning and Optimization Officer

  • *
    Continues as Finance Unit, Global Business Synergies Division Head at SoftBank Mobile.
  • *1
    CS: Chief Scientist
  • *2
    CISO: Chief Information Security Officer
  • *3
    CCO: Chief Compliance Officer
  • *4
    Seiji Goto is an Advisor to SoftBank Mobile effective April 1, 2015.
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