Press Releases 2015

SoftBank Mobile to Offer “FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT”
for Visitors to Japan
New service is both convenient and secure against unauthorized use
No need to download an app — register by just calling a dedicated phone number!

May 28, 2015
SoftBank Mobile Corp.

SoftBank Mobile Corp. (“SoftBank Mobile”) today announced that from July 1, 2015 it will start offering “FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT”, a free Wi-Fi service for those who visit Japan for business, leisure and other occasions*1.

There is tremendous demand from visitors to Japan for free Wi-Fi service, and facilities that offer free Wi-Fi can expect to see increased visitor traffic. At the same time, due to an emphasis on easy access, there are some cases of inadequate user verification, which has made preventing malicious and unauthorized use of free Wi-Fi an urgent task.

With SoftBank Mobile's FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT, users simply dial a dedicated number with their mobile phones at no charge to complete registration — there's no need to download a special app. Furthermore, the service supports English, Chinese and Korean, and offers Japan's No.1*2 network of Wi-Fi access points, numbering 400,000*3 nationwide. While enhancing convenience for users, FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT also offers safe and secure Wi-Fi access by using mobile phone numbers to verify users.

SoftBank Mobile will study usage patterns and other data from this initial trial period that runs until March 2016*4, and it plans to apply these learnings to the development of convenient communications services aimed at Japan visitors in the future.


1. Main features

  • Telecommunication industry's first*2 system to verify users through use of phone numbers; enables tracing of unauthorized users at no detriment to convenience of valid users
  • No need to download a special app before starting usage; visitors can use the service right after they arrive
  • Upon registration, users have free, unlimited access to SoftBank Mobile's No. 1*2 network of approximately 400,000 Wi-Fi access points in Japan for a period of two weeks*5
  • Service supports English, Chinese and Korean, and log-in screen automatically selects the corresponding language (simplified and traditional Chinese characters are supported)
  • The same password can be used on up to 5 devices, enabling simultaneous use both on smartphones and tablets

2. Service launch

From July 1, 2015 in phases
Within July, users will have access to SoftBank Mobile's approximate 400,000 Wi-Fi access points nationwide.


“.FREE_Wi-Fi_PASSPORT” (starts with “.”)

4. Logo


5. Major supporting enterprises and organizations (in alphabetical order, as of May 28, 2015)

The access points provided by the supporting enterprises and organizations below are also available for use.

Major Supporting Enterprises / Organizations (alphabetical)
Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited / Central Nippon Exis Company Limited
East Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Mobilityland Corporation (SUZUKA CIRCUIT, TWIN RING MOTEGI)
Takashimaya Company, Limited
Urban Development Bureau, City of Yokohama (Kamiooka Station Bus Terminal)
West Nippon Expressway Company Limited / West Nippon Expressway Service Holdings Company Limited

6. How to use

Dial dedicated phone number to receive password. Select SSID from list of Wi-Fi access points and log in.
English, Chinese (log-in screen in simplified and traditional Chinese characters) and Korean can be used. (Language is automatically selected at login screen)
“SoftBank” must be selected as the roaming network to dial the dedicated phone number for registration.

How to use

  • *1
    Not compatible with handsets that do not support W-CDMA. Service may not be supported depending on type of contract with operator, such as prepaid contracts.
  • *2
    Among free Wi-Fi services provided in Japan, based on research by SoftBank Mobile. As of May 28, 2015
  • *3
    Refers specifically to access points owned and operated by SoftBank Mobile. (Roaming access points not included)
  • *4
    Service details from April 1, 2016 will be announced separately on the SoftBank Mobile website and other platforms.
  • *5
    If a password is acquired again after two weeks, the service can be used for an additional two weeks for free.
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