Press Releases 2015

Joint R&D for Next-generation Mobile Technologies

July 10, 2015
SoftBank Corp.
Wireless City Planning Inc.

SoftBank Corp. and Wireless City Planning Inc. (“WCP”), who are working with vendors around the world that are developing next-generation high-speed communications, today announced they signed memoranda of understanding with Huawei Technologies Japan K.K. and ZTE Japan K.K. respectively. Under the agreements with these companies, SoftBank Corp. and WCP will proceed with joint research and development for next-generation mobile communication technologies.

WCP built a network environment based on AXGP, a communication platform that is highly compatible with the world standard TD-LTE, that delivers both high-capacity and high-speed data communications to customers. With these joint research and development agreements, WCP aims to enhance Massive MIMO* and spectral efficiency technologies, conduct trials and evaluations of advanced technologies, and develop technologies that will become global standards in next-generation communications.

  • *
    A high-speed data communication technology that is made possible by simultaneously connecting a high number of users using a very large number of service antennas.
  • *
    On July 1, 2015, SoftBank Mobile Corp. changed its name to SoftBank Corp.
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