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SoftBank to Take Orders for Pepper Enterprise
Model—‘Pepper for Biz’—Starting October 1Businesses can use Pepper with a monthly rental plan of 55,000

July 30, 2015
SoftBank Robotics Corp.
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Robotics Corp. and SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) today announced that an enterprise model of the humanoid robot Pepper, ‘Pepper for Biz’, will be available in Japan for pre-orders starting October 1, 2015.

Based on the consumer model of Pepper now being sold in Japan, Pepper for Biz is a model that comes with standard pre-installed applications for use by enterprises, including ones for office reception and approaching potential customers. Offered at a monthly rental plan of 55,000 yen a month, with Pepper for Biz corporate customers can easily customize applications for business and manage multiple Pepper applications at once. They also benefit from the ‘Pepper for Biz Platform’, a tool that stores information from customer approaches and other relevant information that can be utilized for marketing purposes. With dedicated customer support available by phone or online, and replacements and exchanges whenever Pepper is not working properly*1, corporate customers will be able to use Pepper with peace of mind at their businesses.

Consulting for implementing Pepper for Biz, original application development and additional support services are also scheduled to be offered as Pepper for Biz options.

Pepper for Biz Outline

1. Pepper for Biz Platform

The following services will be offered on the Pepper for Biz Platform to support the business use of Pepper.

Easy business app generation Standard pre-installed applications can be easily customized. Customers can easily register product names, photos and questions from a website to reflect into the application.
Interaction analysis Customers can visualize sensor data of passers-by, how many times an application is launched, characteristics and emotions of people approached and other stored information. This data can be used for marketing purposes.
Integrated app settings and management Multiple Peppers can be controlled by an administrator in an integrated fashion. By setting up groups by name or location, applications can be delivered to different groups.
Premium support & maintenance Dedicated customer support is available by phone or online. Whenever Pepper is not working properly, replacements will be made available*1.
  • *1
    Charges may be incurred if damage is caused by customers.

2. Standard pre-installed applications for enterprises

Approaching customers Pepper calls out to people in the distance and says hello to people nearby
Conducting hearings Pepper makes proposals or takes questionnaires based on client needs
Presentations Pepper explains the good points of a product/service while showing images
Entertainment Pepper entertains customers by performing or playing games with them
Reception Employees are notified by mail when a visitor has come for an appointment

3. Price plan

Rental plan 55,000 yen × 36 months (total: 1,980,000 yen)
  • *
    A separate robot charge (9,800 yen) is required. The base unit is returned by the customer after the completion of contract.
  • *
    Rental plan is a contract for 36 months and cannot be cancelled during the contract period. For more information, please refer to the SoftBank website.

4. How to Apply

Pre-orders will be accepted at the SoftBank website starting October 1.

  • *
    All prices listed in this press release do not include tax.
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