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Humanoid Robot ‘Pepper’ to Support Android Android supported Pepper presales to developers to start from July

May 19, 2016
SoftBank Robotics Corp.
SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Robotics Corp. (“SoftBank Robotics”) and SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) today announced that its humanoid robot ‘Pepper’ will support Google's Android™ , and that presales of models for developers will begin from July 2016. Ahead of the presales launch, starting today SoftBank Robotics will offer a beta version of ‘Pepper SDK for Android Studio’, a software development kit that enables the development of RoboApps on the Android platform.

By making Pepper compatible with Android, Android application developers will be able to utilize their existing knowledge and technologies to develop RoboApps for Pepper. With the high number of Android developers around the world, the possibilities for Pepper RoboApp developers will greatly increase with Android support.

SoftBank Robotics will continue to provide its SDK, ‘Choregraphe’. RoboApps developed on the Choregraphe platform will also be compatible with Peppers that support Android.

Details on presales of the model for developers and ‘Pepper SDK for Android Studio’ are as follows.

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    This is done by changing the Pepper's display to an Android run display, and linking it to the NAOqi OS.

Presales of Android supported Pepper model for developers

1. Sales timing

July 2016

2. Prices and plans

Unit price 198,000 JPY
Pepper Basic Plan 11,800 JPY × 36 mos. (monthly installments)
Pepper Insurance Pack 9,800 JPY × 36 mos. (monthly installments)
Total price (3 years) 975,600 JPY

Pepper SDK for Android Studio

1. Date of availability

May 19, 2016

2. How to download

Download from SoftBank Robotics website

3. Price

Free of charge

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