Press Releases (SoftBank Telecom Corp.) 2006

JAPAN TELECOM and NETMARKS establish a joint venture company “JAPAN TELECOM NETWORK SYSTEMS CO., LTD.”
- Enhancing the framework to provide optimum WAN and LAN implementation services in an integrated manner -

February 3, 2006

JAPAN TELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hideki Kurashige, hereinafter "JAPAN TELECOM") and NETMARKS INC. (Head office: Minato-Ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Atsushi Ohashi, hereinafter "NETMARKS") hereby announce the establishment of a joint venture company, JAPAN TELECOM NETWORK SYSTEMS CO., LTD. to provide network designing and implementation for corporate customers.
Investment ratio for the respective companies, as of April 1, 2006, will be 66% for JAPAN TELECOM, and 34% for NETMARKS. The new company plans to start with 55 employees.
“JAPAN TELECOM NETWORK SYSTEMS CO., LTD.” will be formed around engineers sent from the two companies (35 from JAPAN TELECOM and 20 from NETMARKS) and will provide services in network integration. JAPAN TELECOM’s cutting edge ICT platform solution service and WAN service, NETMARKS’ knowledge on designing and implementing LANs, and “JAPAN TELECOM NETWORK SYSTEMS CO., LTD.” integration will be brought together to offer corporate customers a comprehensive, integrated service, right from proposals for an optimum network solution to the actual designing, implementation, installation, and maintenance at the customer’s site.
JAPAN TELECOM will subcontract such services as defining requirements for LAN implementation as well as designing and implementing LAN to “JAPAN TELECOM NETWORK SYSTEMS CO., LTD.” when network integration requirements, such as implementing LAN at a customer’s site, are encountered in providing ICT solutions to corporate customers.
By basically subcontracting LAN implementation services to its subsidiary “JAPAN TELECOM NETWORK SYSTEMS CO., LTD.”, JAPAN TELECOM can accumulate knowledge that leverages the latest ICT technology in business processes, ranging from sales and marketing to design and implementation, thus enabling it to provide highly competitive network designing/implementation services and outsourcing services in a prompt and efficient manner.
For NETMARKS, providing their network security and storage network technologies to support “JAPAN TELECOM NETWORK SYSTEMS CO., LTD.” will expand business opportunities for a wide range of customers.
JAPAN TELECOM and NETMARKS will pursue collaboration through this new technology company with rich network-building knowledge that integrates and at the same time complements the strengths of the two companies, in order to provide the best high-quality network integration service to their customers.

Outline of the New Company

Head Office Minato-ku, Tokyo
President Satomi Fukazawa
Capital 300 million yen (planned; as of end of March 2006)
Investment Ratio JAPAN TELECOM 66% (planned; as of the end of March 2006)
NETMARKS 34% (planned; as of the end of March 2006)
Start of Operation April 1, 2006 (pre-operation scheduled to start in February 2006)
Sales Target 6 billion yen (for fiscal 2007)
Description of Business Services concerning the designing and implementation of network systems
Additional Notes JAPAN TELECOM will establish “JAPAN TELECOM NETWORK SYSTEMS CO., LTD.” in early February 2006, and NETMARKS will make their investment in March 2006

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