Press Releases (SoftBank Telecom Corp.) 2006

SANSHIN ELECTRONICS enjoys approximately 70% reduction in Internal call network costs VPN has brought dynamic communications
- Introduction of JAPAN TELECOM's Voice Net Otoku Line -

February 8, 2006

JAPAN TELECOM CO., LTD (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Director Chief executive officer: Hideki Kurashige, hereafter “JAPAN TELECOM”) announces that SANSHIN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mitsumasa Matsunaga, hereafter “SANSHIN ELECTRONICS”) installed 350 lines of Voice Net Otoku Line, an internal call network solution service. Installation of this service has achieved approximately 70% reduction in SANSHIN ELECTRONICS' internal call network costs.

The primal reasons why SANSHIN ELECTRONICS chose Voice Net Otoku Line are: (1) Drastic cost reduction expected; (2) Otoku Line's voice quality superior to the IP telephony service that SANSHIN ELECTRONICS used to use; (3) Flexible network configuration for future extension using Voice Net, the virtual private network (VPN) voice service; and (4) Utilization of the existing network infrastructure, including private branch exchange (PBX) equipment.

SANSHIN ELECTRONICS is an electronics trading company that handles semiconductor devices and provides network solutions. JAPAN TELECOM's Voice Net Otoku Line connects SANSHIN ELECTRONICS' 16 sales sites and 4 distribution sites - spread across Japan - via VPN, providing a communication infrastructure that improves business efficiency and disaster tolerance, as well as securing flexibility for future network extension. Full installation of these 350 lines of Otoku Line will be completed by mid-February 2006. The response for some of the lines in use is positive as this widely installed private network has changed the former one-directional communication from the head office to branches to more multi-directional communications among the various sales and distribution sites.

See the appendix for a network configuration diagram.

JAPAN TELECOM will continue to provide the optimum Information & Communications Technology (ICT) solution services, as a solution to their business challenges, for SANSHIN ELECTRONICS to support their business.


SANSHIN ELECTRONICS Network Configuration Diagram

SANSHIN ELECTRONICS Network Configuration Diagram

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