Press Releases (SoftBank Telecom Corp.) 2009

SoftBank's Three Telecommunication Companies
to Unify Service Brand Logo

TOKYO, March 18, 2009 --- The SOFTBANK Group’s three telecommunication companies, SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp., SOFTBANK BB Corp. and SOFTBANK TELECOM Corp. announced that they will unify the service brand logos from April 2009 to the silver logo that SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. currently uses.

Promoting ‘IT revolution’ to become a lifestyle company changing people’s lifestyle greatly is ‘ambition’ of the SOFTBANK Group (hereafter ‘the Group’). The three telecommunication companies hold an important position to support the foundation of the Group through their operations such as mobile communication business, broadband service business, fixed-line business and distribution business of IT products. Collaboration among the three companies has already started and can be observed in crossover services such as voice call discount service ‘White Call 24’ and ‘White Line 24’ as well as provision of ‘Yahoo! BB’ service through SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.’s sales channels. The three companies will further enhance collaboration under one symbol mark and continue to provide customer-first innovative services using synergies including establishment of full-fledged mobile internet environment and promotion of FMC.

  • This ‘silver color’ represents a company that will not be affected by other colors but will shine by itself and that will provide innovative services while brushing itself up. It also expresses potential of flexible change to reflect customers’ diversified needs like a mirror.
  • These ‘two lines’ (equal mark) mean interactive communication and infinite potential of broadband and are a symbol at the same time representing the wish of the Group to be always equal with and a solution to customer needs.

The CI color of the Group remains as Revolution Yellow as before used for SOFTBANK CORP., and the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks’ logo.

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  • *Yahoo! is a registered trademark or a trademark of Yahoo! Inc. (U.S.A.)
  • *White Line is a trademark of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.
  • *White Call is a registered trademark of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. and SOFTBANK BB Corp.
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