Press Releases (SoftBank Telecom Corp.) 2013

a Prepaid International and Domestic Phone Card,
to go on Sale at 7-Eleven Stores Nationwide from June 10

Tokyo, June 6, 2013 --- SoftBank Telecom Corp. and Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., today announced the launch of KOKUSAI Card, a prepaid international phone card. The cards, which use POSA technology* developed by InComm Japan KK, will go on sale on June 10 from POSA-card shelves at 15,400 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

KOKUSAI Cards are simple to use from home phones, public phones, mobile phones, and PHS for both domestic calls and international calls to 244 countries and regions around the world. They can also be used outside Japan, offering convenience and peace of mind when traveling for business or pleasure.

The cards will initially be available in 1,000 yen and 3,000 yen denominations. Calls with KOKUSAI Cards are billed at a flat rate regardless of time of day and are charged at six-second intervals, offering savings even on short calls. Purchasing a KOKUSAI Card is simple; just pick one up from a POSA-card shelf at a 7-Eleven store and pay at the counter.

To mark the launch, anyone who purchases a KOKUSAI Card can enter a raffle to win Hello Kitty goods and other prizes. Please see the attached page for details.

  • *POSA technology is a general term for technology provided by InComm Japan KK, by which the card is activated at the point of purchase. The technology is used widely as a sales and distribution method for various prepaid products, primarily at convenience stores.

Overview of the KOKUSAI Card launch campaign

1. Campaign period

June 10 – July 31, 2013

2. Eligibility

Anyone who buys a KOKUSAI Card can enter the raffle

3. Prizes

There are two chances to win with every entry. Double wins are also possible.

Chance 1

Winners will receive one of the Hello Kitty prizes below.
Three raffle entries are possible for every purchase of a 3,000 yen KOKUSAI Card.

1st prize Suitcase 10 winners
2nd prize Air purifier 20 winners
3rd prize Tote bag 60 winners
4th prize Smartphone case 100 winners
5th prize Lunch box set (3 boxes) 150 winners
6th prize Mug 200 winners
Chance 2
50% of raffle participants will receive a load bonus of 20% of the value of their KOKUSAI Card

4. How to enter

Entries can be made by postcard, through the KOKUSAI Card website, or through the campaign website.

5. Announcement of winners

Winners will receive their prize without prior announcement.

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